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The Relationship Between Loneliness and Poverty

 Elisabetta GregoraciI believe that a certain hormone in a female kicks in when the man she is looking at has mucho dinero that clouds her vision and makes her overlook certain defects in her lover.

No Daily News - You are the Idiot

ny daily news mocks TrumpThe U.S. government should pay for a month long vacation in Cuba for every American who reaches voting age. After one month, if they have any intelligence at all, they will never vote for a socialist program or even be liberals ever again.

What Has the Obama Doctrine Wrought

arrogant asshole ObamaObama actually believes his foreign policy actions have been successful. For example, during the State of the Union last year, President Obama claimed "In Iraq and Syria, American leadership — including our military power — is stopping [ISIS]'s advance." Oh really? What an arrogant asshole.

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Closing the Hevajra empowerment mandala, HH Dagchen Rinpoche at Tharlam Monastery, Boudha, Kathmandu, NepalSometimes in dealing with enemies one has to make alliances with bad people.

Stinky Airline Passengers

woman with feet on armrestI'll admit that on long flights my shoes definitely come off, but my socks stay on. And I certainly don't place them on armrests.

List of 13 Countries Smart Enough to Refuse Muslim Refugees

Fury: A political cartoon pointed fingers at the Gulf nations for their inaction, with a caption which read: ‘Refugees welcomed by: Saudi: 0, Kuwait: 0, Qatar: 0, Emirates: 0, Bahrain: 0’Most countries in the world know that taking in Muslims will only lead to rape, violence and terror. Before any of my readers cry "Islamophobia!" or "Bigotry!" let me suggest that they first read the list.

Bernie Sanders and the Furniture Store that Flopped

greed is the problem - now give me 90% of your incomeIt's easy to see why very many young people love him. They're not frightened or daunted by his promise to tax everyone to death since they have no jobs anyway, so taxes are irrelevant as long as someone else pays.

The List of Female Nobel Laureates

female scientistAs of 2015, ignoring the Nobel Peace Prize, 767 individuals have been awarded Nobel Prizes of which a mere 33 have been women.

The United States Should Charge Immigrants a Fee to Gain Citizenship

Thousands of illegal immigrants, many of which are unaccompanied children, cross the border and are cared for by sponsors across America.Why should drug dealers make all the money from transporting migrants across our border?

Why Space Creatures Cannot Be Muslim

muslims from outer spaceSo if you ever see a film advertised as "Muslims from Outer Space," don't be afraid - it's just a movie, there are no such things as Muslims from Outer Space. What you should be afraid of: "Muslims from your neighborhood" - the non-movie.

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