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Back in September of last year a Danish writer complained that he could find no one to illustrate his book on Mohammed. Artists were refusing to illustrate works about Islam from fear of Muslim extremists.

Comes to the rescue, The Jyllands-Posten which called for and printed cartoons by various Danish illustrators as a test of whether Muslim fundamentalists had begun affecting the freedom of expression in Denmark.

A copy of the cartoons can be found here.

There was an immediate outrage from Muslims who rioted savagely right after publication. Why? Because, they said, representations of their Prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon Him, were forbidden.

Of course this is a complete lie and fabrication. Illustrations of the Prophet are rife throughout the world (and even in the Muslim countries themselves) and have annoyed no one until now.

Here , on the right, is the most "provocative" of the 12. mohammed cartoon danish blasphemy Since then, the Danish Ummah has been trying to get world Islam into a lather about the cartoons with only moderate success. The Brussels Journal has been covering this brouhaha that our media has ignored altogether (Why we bother calling them the media amazes me).

Muslims have been asking for the Danish Government to apologize for the cartoons and punish the illustrators, but it has rightly refused, citing freedom of speech and its refusal to get involved in the press.

The local Imam has been bruiting the cartoons about in Turkey, Bosnia, Egypt, and elsewhere. Pressure from these countries have been exerted on the Danish Government. And also from the wimpy United Nations, the Council of Europe and even some frightened Danish diplomats. Sadly no American or other European government has supported Denmark in this matter.

Despite the reluctance of European Governments to get involved, it looks like other European papers are all hinting that they will reprint the cartoons in a show of solidarity.

Things are starting to heat up. Stay tuned

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