Christian Taliban Attacks Hollywood - `Brokeback Mountain`

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I am SO afraid of seeing Brokeback Mountain lest I turn into a raving homo. I dread even thinking about how one of them got his back broke anyway. Although I am not surprised given how they swish around so quickly. All that twisting certainly can't be good for your back.

The Australian, 19 Jan 2006, No Christian hoorays for Hollywood

CHRISTIAN groups have launched a furious campaign against Hollywood, claiming the Golden Globe Awards promote films with gay or 'leftist' themes to serve a political agenda.

The criticism was made after 'Brokeback Mountain', a film about the forbidden love between gay Wyoming cowboys that stars Australian Heath Ledger, won four awards on Tuesday."

brokeback mountainAlthough shot in Calgary, Canada, the film's action takes place in Wyoming; so ironically as of last week only one theater in that state (Jackson, WY) was showing the film.

Must be tough living there though, I hear there's nary a gay bar in the entire state.

Christians should do what I do when I don't like a movie's agenda: don't see it. I ignored Michael Moron's lie-filled "Fartenheit 9/11" and Mel Gibson's mythic biography of jesus christ, "The Passion of the Christ".

And Hollywood's not doing well anyway, so leave them alone. It's tough trying to make somebody go see a movie, especially when there is so little time left after spending 16 hours a day on the Internet. Especially if they make films no one wants to see. And until movie theaters put in broadband jack's or wifi for your laptop, who's gonna have time to watch something continuously for two hours without being able to check one's email, huh, huh?

An Aside: I clicked on christian dating service the other day and got back: "The Earth is 5765 years old." Not what I had in mind. For more opinions of the Earth's Age go here.

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