Dutch will have their own cartoon contest

Muslims should indeed boycott everything Western. Don't buy Danish pastries, Swiss Cheese, Belgian Waffles, French Fries, Dutch Treats, Hungarian Goulash, Scotch Tape, Irish whiskey [Yes - we know you drink that too - don't pretend], Brussels Sprouts, Canadian Bacon, and so on. But especially boycott coming to the West at all. Stay in the filthy sewers of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, and live under your own oppressive regimes. Don't bring that culture with you when you come to our countries.

 Theo van Gogh - Photo Credit - Wiki

Brussels Journal, Danish Paper Apologizes. Dutch Cartoon on Its Way

In an article in the Amsterdam newspaper De Volkskrant today Dutch cartoonists admit that they do not depict Muhammad out of fear for violent retaliations. “It is a kind of self-censorship,” Stefan Verwey admits. “I have large windows and would rather keep them intact,” says Peter de Wit, while Joep Bertrams concedes. “It causes a lot of problems. Why throw oil on the fire?”

Other cartoonists, however, who have asked to remain anonymous, think that Western artist should not allow themselves to be intimidated and propose an international “Draw Muhammad Week.” Next month a book will be out in the Netherlands which contains a cartoon by Gregorius Nekschot [a pseudonym] of the prophet “in a compromising pose” with his child-wife Aisha.

Will the Netherlands soon be on the Muslims’ boycott list as well? And will Belgium, Germany, Britain and the United States because bloggers in these countries are republishing the Jyllands-Posten cartoons, as well as other pictures of Muhammad?

Yesterday in my post muslims have no sense of humor I showed the cartoons in question and although they are not really funny, they can only be offensive to an intolerant religion, one that blames the rest of the world for their poverty and subjugation under manufactured political geographies.

I can't wait to see these Dutch cartoons by "Nekschot". They should be interesting and I know they will be revolting to Muslims [I know - bad pun].

Stay tuned....

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