The Religion of Peace and duck decoys

The Religion of Peace

I have a great caption for the above cartoon:

"The Religion of Peace"

If you are baffled, let me tell you that Muslims use the phrase "We are the religion of Peace" as a deceit, a small deception. They will be saying this to you with a straight face, hoping all along that you will be lulled into believing it if you hear it often enough. It is an al-Taqiyya, a subterfuge, to make you think they actually believe it. But certainly every Muslim knows the dirty, dark secret that most of the world does not: Islam is the religion of war and desolation against all non-believers.

Jews have a word for Christians: Gentiles. Although in some contexts it is ever so mildly derogatory, Jews do not use the word as if it were a death sentence. (By the way, the word Gentile does not appear anywhere in the Old Testament since there never were any Christians when the OT was written).

Christians have a word for people who are not Jewish, Christian, or Muslim: heathen. Although it would be nice if heathens converted, there is no death sentence placed upon them.

It is only Islam that employs the phrase "Death to the Infidels" and really means it. Now look at the duck again.

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