Cartoon Jihad inflames Nigeria - see the Christian dogs burn

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18 Feb 2006,
Cartoon protest turns deadly......Again

NIGERIAN rioters killed at least 15 people today after a Muslim protest against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed descended into violence, a police spokesman said.

Witnesses said that protesters turned on the Christian minority in the northern city of Maiduguri, burning shops and churches, after police dispersed a rally called to condemn European newspapers that printed the caricatures.

I view the above report as biased because, as everyone knows, Islam is the Religion of Peace. Here is my take on the situation: In the Muslim Paradise of Nigeria, in the garden of Eden city of Maiduguri, [capital of north-eastern Borno state], peace-loving Nigerian Muslims offended by egregiously insulting, provocative, nasty, feces-laden, and blasphemous caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad, Peace be upon Him, attacked violent Christians who directly supported and funded the Danish cartoonists. Churches where these cowardly blasphemers were hiding were burned down on Saturday, killing at least 15 Christian dogs.

The faithful swarmed through the city center with machetes, sticks and iron rods to protect themselves against the marauding Christian mobs of mostly children and a rather tall and vicious priest.

When it got too dark to be able to protect themselves, a group of the believers threw a tire around a man, poured gas on him and set him ablaze. And what a fine light that made, praise be to Allah!

nigerian muslimThousands of pacifist, defenseless Muslims in self-defense burned 15 churches in Maiduguri in a three-hour rampage before troops and police reinforcements restored order.

Chima Ezeoke, a lying Christian Maiduguri resident, said the peaceful rally attacked and looted shops owned by minority Christians, most of them with origins in the country’s south.

"Most of the dead were Christians beaten to death on the streets by the rioters,” Ezeoke said. Witnesses said three children and a priest were among those killed."

What filthy lies! Every knows that Muslims are tolerant of other religions. Just read various Islamic papers and especially the Palestinian News.

Al "Dhimmi" Gore blames the Muslim/Christian tensions not only on the insulting, Jew-inspired Cartoons, but on local Christian police forces who indiscriminately rounded up alleged Muslim rapists and pillagers, which in Islam is typically considered minor charges equivalent to "overstaying a visa" or "not having a green card in proper order".

These innocent Muslims were then "held in conditions that were just unforgivable and had to live in places called jails". It is these terrible abuses and under this climate of retribution and hate-mongering that pervades the Christian land in Nigeria. Quoted material from Al Gore - the Dhimmi whore.

President Clinton, still in Pakistan wiping off some brown shmutz on his nose, declared that the peaceful co-existence of Muslims and Christians has been seriously damaged by the printing of these cartoons in Denmark.

In addition, the ex-President said, as he removed his head from his own ass, these negative reports on Muslims rioting in Nigeria damage the chance for inter-cultural dialogue and said that it would be a good thing if The Organization of African States passed a continent-wide law prohibiting any news that insults Muslims, the Ummah (Muslim Community), and Islam. No one has the right to print news that insults the feeling of Muslims. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to print insensitive news even if true.

The extent of Muslim persecution of Christians is explored in detail here via michelle malkin.

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