Cartoonist denies entry in Holocaust Contest

Michael Leunig drawing

Here is a correction to my previous post: Here's how to enter holocaust cartoon contest., 14 Feb 2006
Leunig denies cartoon entry

CARTOONIST Michael Leunig has denied entering cartoons deemed "inappropriate" for publication in Australia in a contest launched in Iran, saying he has been "set up".

The competition was launched by Iran's biggest-selling newspaper Hamshahri in retaliation for the caricatures of the prophet Mohammed that have enraged Muslims worldwide.
Mr Leunig said he first heard that that some of his cartoons had been submitted to the competition following a call from a concerned executive at The Age newspaper in Melbourne.

"I learnt last night that some of my cartoons from a few years back have been submitted as an entry in that competition," Mr Leunig told ABC radio.

"The Age is extremely concerned because The Age newspaper was also mentioned on the website (," he said.

"This is a fraud and hoax emanating, we believe, from Australia."
He said the Iranian newspaper had since withdrawn the cartoons from the competition after he contacted the editors.

"A reply came back, they were sorry, they removed the cartoon instantly without a qualm and with an apology."

Michael LeunigBut millions of us should still enter the contest in a show of contempt for it.

For an appreciation of the work of Michael Leunig (shown here) go here.

Update: Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest Turns out to be a Flop

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