Clinton attacks cartoons - sides with the enemy and warns Israel

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Clinton: "I did not have treasonous relations with that man, Mr. Ahmadinejad. Hell, I can hardly pronounce his name."

Bill Clinton Praised by Iran, Arabs

Ex-president Bill Clinton is winning high praise throughout the Arab world for his recent comments condemning anti-Muslim bias and urging dialogue with Hamas - with even Iranian newspapers touting his go-slow approach to that country's nuclear threat. [...]

Clinton warned Israel not to act unilaterally when reacting to terrorist threats, saying that "true peace and security can only come through principled compromise. [...]

Clinton took pains to condemn a series of cartoons appearing in European newspapers that parodied the Islamic prophet Mohammed, calling them "appalling."

I'm certain Clinton was trying to bend his knees even lower than Al Gore recently did in the middle East. A trick obviously learned from Monica Lewinsky, she of Got Milk? fame.

Not to be outdone by Gore, Former US President Bill Clinton becomes the first Western leader to urge nations to convict those who published the Muhammad cartoons:

18 Feb 2006,
Clinton in Pakistan: Convict cartoon publishers

Although this was not the first time that Clinton spoke out against the Muhammad cartoons, it was the first time he spoke publicly about prosecuting Westerners for their freedom of speech choices in regards to the cartoon controversy.

When Clinton finished his whirlwind tour he went back home where his life returned to normal.

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