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I pulled the translation and text off a YAHOO Muslim community board, but the link they gave for the story merely brings me up to the home page of information.dk. I tried searching for keywords in the search box but I couldn't get any text that came up matching what you read below. It could be my Danish is rusty, I haven't used it since 1968 when I was last in Copenhagen.

Here is the Muslim preface:


Assalamu aleikum.

This is breaking news.

Because of the continuing protests by Muslims over the insolent drawings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), ⅓ of the Danish Army scheduled for deployment in Iraq have just now fled their posts. The enlisted personnel who would serve as cannon fodder are especially involved.

All this shows that real Muslims are protesting worldwide effectively, while the "moderate" Carlsberg "Muslims" continue to work overtime to hijack the protest movement from Islam and the Muslims and render the protests ineffective through "diplomacy". Think of the many Muslim lives that have now been saved through the desertion of ⅓ of the sadistic Danish army.

Islamic Community Net provides here a free translation preceding the Dagbladet article below, which is in Danish.

Those with better knowledge of Danish are invited to post their own.

Here is the Danish original:

Danske soldater vil ikke til Irak
Dagbladet Information
February 13, 2006

Et stort antal soldater, som skulle være sendt af sted til Irak, erhoppet fra i sidste øjeblik. Nye tal fra Jyske Dragonregiment iHolstebro viser, at næsten hver tredje soldat fra HærensReaktionsstyrke Uddannelse, som skal ruste de værnepligtige tiltjeneste i udlandet, er sprunget fra.

Hos Hærens Konstabel- ogKorporalforening er man sikker på, at Muhammed-tegningerne bærer endel af skylden for frafaldet.- Jeg tror helt klart, det har betydning, når man sidder hjemmeomkring køkkenbordet og skal beslutte om manden, konen, sønnen ellerdatteren skal tage af sted på sådan en mission, og aviserne så erfyldte hver evig eneste dag med trusler mod danskere, siger formand iHKKF, Flemming D.V. Nielsen. from information.dk

Danish soldiers do not want to go to IraqTRANSLATION of the Danish Text below:

Danish soldiers do not want to go to Iraq
Dagbladet Information

February 13, 2006

A large number of soldiers who were to be sent to Iraq deserted at the last moment. New figures from Jyske Dragonregiment in Holstebro show that almost one-third of the soldiers from the Army's ReaktionsstyrkeUddannelse, who are liable for military service abroad are those who fled.

At Hærens the enlisted men are certain that the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad are mainly responsible for the desertions. "I think that the meaning is completely clear, when at home around the kitchen table one has to decide about the husband, the wife, the son or the daughter leaving on such a mission while the newspapers are full of threats to Danes every day" says chairman in HKKF, Flemming D.V. Nielsen.

It seems that Danish soldiers are afraid to leave their homeland unprotected while the tiny nation is under death threats from their Muslim "neighbors".

Americans watch the news (no sense reading the news - after all the MSM is too afraid to print anything anymore) and wrongly imagine it must be uncomfortable living in Denmark. Since they are not there they have no clue but it must be like living in a gang-infested neighborhood and you owe the crips drug money and you can't pay them off or negotiate with them. That's how it is living with thugs and cut-throats.

I sympathize with the young Danish men. I'm certain they realize that they do not have to travel to Iraq to see the face of the enemy.

As for the reason Muslims enjoyed reprinting this story: They want to convince the "moderate" Carlsberg "Muslims" that violent protests work and to good effect. "See Mujib, the infidel shakes with fear at the might and power of Muslim wrath! - Stop being a white Muslim washing the feet of the Kuffars."

I have doubts that the story is actually as the Mulsims spin it. I'll see if I can get a hold of someone at the Danish website to confirm the story.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE to this story

See Muslims Lie about Danish Desertions

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