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Danish Cartoons

On June 28, 1914, Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by the Black Hand while visiting Sarajevo. The Archduke was heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne and a rather minor figure in the international scene at the time. Minor attention was paid to the actual event and it looked like it would pass without much fuss.

Barely a month later though, Austria issued an ultimatum to Serbia demanding that the assassins be brought to justice. A few days later Austria severed relations with Serbia implicating them in the assassination and using it as a provocation to assert control over that part of the world.

Germany sided with Austria while Russia went to the defense of its Balkan ally. One thing led to another and soon France, Belgium and Britain got sucked into the maelstrom of war over nothing.

That was then.

On September 30, 2005 Jyllands-Posten published the cartoons above to accompany an article on self-censorship and freedom of speech.

The response was outrage when 5,000 Muslim immigrants in Denmark took to the streets to protest. Soon the Muslim world was recalling staff from their Embassies in Denmark calling the cartoons a "provocation” and demanding that those responsible be brought to justice.

the Brussels Journal, Jihad Against Danish Newspaper

Jyllands-Posten was also included on an al-Qaeda website listing possible terrorist targets. An organisation which calls itself "The Glorious Brigades in Northern Europe” is circulating pictures on the Internet which show bombs exploding over pictures of the newspaper and blood flowing over the national flag of Denmark. "The Mujaheddin have numerous targets in Denmark – very soon you all will regret this,” the website says.

French and German papers in a show of solidarity also reprinted the cartoons and the American Media would do likewise except they hide behind the fake excuse of "respect for religion" when we all know it is because they are pussies.

Go here to see more of this: Why there are no moderate Muslims

A series of mindless events, "provocations", insults to Islam and now ultimatums from newly minted Jihadists and very shortly I expect all of Europe to be sucked into the maelstrom of Holy War. I estimate there are 15 million Muslims living in Europe. And they have been unhappy since the Crusades. They have nothing but their barbaric religion and things are about to get out of control. Contrary to most civilized peoples, who when they are insulted say they are not pleased, Muslims demand your head. No really!

WWI started from a seemingly trifle event, likewise the Danish Cartoons have opened the eyes of the West to the Muslim threat to civilization. Now that we have seen the true face of Islam, we will not so easily tolerate what we have ignored before: Muslim rapes as Imam-sanctioned punishment for women , Muslim intolerance of non-Muslim concepts, and the Sharia-inspired killing of Muslim apostates.

cox forkum cartoon Danish Cartoons

For a recap of European papers reprinting the cartoons see here

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