How to Enter the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest

You do not need an entry form, just follow the Instructions how to enter the contest below.

[UPDATE: The cartoonist mentioned in the news story below, Michael Leunig, denies he entered the contest]

From: AAP February 14, 2006 holocaust cartoon

From [linked story no longer available on the news site]:

AUSTRALIAN cartoonist Michael Leunig has sent cartoons deemed 'inappropriate' for publication in Australia to a contest calling for the best Holocaust cartoons launched in Iran today.

The competition was launched by Iran's biggest-selling newspaper Hamshahri in retaliation for the caricatures of the prophet Mohammed that have enraged Muslims worldwide.

The cartoons submitted by Leunig, the first entrant in the competition, were rejected for publication in The Age in 2002 by then editor Michael Gawenda.

The first of Melbourne-based Leunig's two cartoons show a poor man with a Star of David on his back walking towards the Auschwitz death camp in 1945 with the words 'Work Brings Freedom' over the entrance.

The second shows the same scene but depicting 'Israel 2002' with the slogan 'War Brings Peace' over the entrance and the same man walking towards it bearing a rifle.

Mr Gawenda told ABC television's Media Watch program in May 2002: 'I think it's just inappropriate. Anyone seeing that cartoon would think it inappropriate.'

Leunig drew the cartoon for The Age at the height of fighting between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank.

Leunig, whose works have rarely been pulled in his long career with The Age, said at the time: 'I think Michael Gawenda just didn't get it. I think the drawing is sympathetic to all Jews who ever suffered, but sympathy is not always expressed with sugar.'

I think most of the world is offensive. I find many things that the right and the left print is offensive. I find most primitive superstitions that interfere with my private life offensive. The whole of Islam is particularly offensive. However, I would never ask them to stop printing offensive cartoons. How else would we find out how they truly feel about Jews and the rest of the world if not for cartoons?

Therefore, I love the holocaust cartoon contest, despite the fact that 98% of my mythical Jewish family was eliminated by 1945. I urge the blogosphere to enter the contest as well. You don't have to enter anything horrible about Jews, you can send in cartoons with either bouquets of flowers of love if that is your wont, or send really nasty photos of camel traders with small goats in compromising positions. But watch out! Certain of those animal shots may get into many a Muslim wallet for that moment in the can when a small ewe isn't handy.

Here are the Instructions for entering the Holocaust cartoon contest:

holocaust cartoon entrance formHere's the text:

As usual, freedom of expression is used to serve as an excuse for westerners to attack sanctities of the Muslims in blatant disregard for moral principles and respect for opinions of others. The attack comes despite the fact that it is an unforgiven crime in the West to debate and critique many issues including the domineering system, looting and crimes perpetrated by the US and Israel as well as alleged historical events like the Holocaust.

Many thinkers express doubt about the accuracy of the Holocaust. However even expressing doubt in this regard entails prosecution.

In the wake of the publication of the profane cartoons in Several European newspapers, Hamshahri is going to measure the sanctity of freedom of expression among the westerners. Thus, it is co-sponsoring with the Caricature House a competition on the Holocaust.

The organizers solicit contributions on this topic which meet the following specifications:

A: Theme of the Competition: what is the limit of Western freedom of expression?
B- Number of contributions per person: three at most.
C- A copy of the cartoon can be sent by email to in JPG format and with 200 dpi. Alternatively, the original copy can be sent by mail to the secretariat of the competition.
D- The size of the contributions should be a minimum of A4 and a maximum of A3. The website of the competition will soon be announced by Hamshahri and the Iran Cartoon website.
E- There is no limitation on the applied technique. Anonymous contributions will also be accepted.
F- Deadline: May 5, 2006 Address of the secretariat; Iran Caricature House No 60, next to Katabi Square, Gol Nabi gharbi Street, Hemmat Expressway & Shariati street intersection, Tehran, Iran.

A book containing top cartoons will be sent to the winners. Prizes will be announced shortly. All prtive [sic, private] individuals can enter the competition.

Update: It turned out that the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest Flopped.

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