Imam Fabricates some Danish Cartoons

Imam Abu Laban

For months after the Danish cartoons were published there was no reaction from anyone. A Danish Imam tried to get Muslims excited but was getting nowhere. So he fabricated some cartoons and wrote a letter lying about the conditions in Denmark against Muslims. He instigated world-wide riots for no purpose other than to unite Muslims against the kaffir.

Here is the English translation of the Arabic letter that the Danish Muslim delegation presented during their tour of the Middle East.

The translation is rough and you will have to excuse his spelling.

Irrefutable proof of the delegation's intent to create animosity: The original PDF can be read here. I publish here the HTML version of the translation:

Here is what the Danish Islamic priest told religious and political leaders of the Middle East. This is the first pages of a 40 page case file compiled by the Danish Imams. It contained the 12 cartoons from the Jyllands-Posten, plus 30 more drawings, of much more severe character, unknown origin, which has never been published in Jyllands-Posten. Remember, that this was they said in writing. We don not know what they spoke, but within Arabic tradition, they probably did overdo it a lot, hence the fierce reactions in the Muslim world.

Please note: The following translation was first made from Arabic to Danish by the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet, then translated from Danish to English. I’m not a translator, nor skilled in English. My remarks to the lies of the priests are put in [ITALIC types].

Background. The Imam Abu Laban was the architect behind the delegations to the Middle East. Abu Laban is well known to have widespread contact within terrorist circles in the Middle East.

The Muslim felt overlooked, because their sue against the Jyllands-Posten for blasphemy failed, and deliberately set out the teach secular Denmark and Europe a lesson the would never forget. This it typical aggression policy, and the end goal was to change legislation towards implementing Sharia law in to European communities

Case file about support for the prophet Muhammad (PUHB)

I the name of good the merciful


Thanks to good, the ruler of the worlds, and may peace be with the last prophet, etc, etc,etc….

We, Muslims living in the kingdom of Denmark, we present our conditions in this country, which are situated in the northern part of Europe, and is one of the Scandinavian countries, to whom it may concern and to each and every Muslim.

This country has it own language. The rule is constitutional Monarchy. The country consists of a number of islands, the capitol is Copenhagen, the number of citizens a 5 millions and most of them are protestants (Christian). Even though they belong to the Christian faith, the secularizations have overcome them, and if you say that they are all infidels, then you are not wrong.

Muslim emigrants (Turks) and refugees from countries crushed by wars (Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon) has migrated to this country, and thus is Denmark’s interaction with foreigners, and especially those who have an other religion, something rather new, which has happened through past 20-30 years, well knowing, that the number of Muslims possible is 170.000

The faithful in their religion (Muslims) suffer under a number of circumstances, first and foremost the lack of official recognition of the Islamic faith. [This is not true] Which lead to a lot of problems, especially the lack of right to build mosks [Another lie, everybody is free to build, when municipal rules are followed], and the true believers are forced in to converting former business building and warehouses to place of worship.

Among these conditions you find an atmosphere, which nourish a growing racism, which grow worse after the 9/11 incidents. And it, the racism, has many different expressions, but common for them all is that they speak badly about Islam. (Sometimes the talk of the veil, circumcising etc.) Speaking badly here, is raising our voice in being critical of Islamic values in Denmark

The crown of the works was the pictures of so-called drawings, which shows the prophet (PUBH) in a disgusting and outrageous way. The circumstances of this case is, that after many artist, out of fear from Muslim reactions, has declined to draw the prophet to the cover of a book about Islam, the Jyllands-Posten objected to this reluctantly to make the drawings, and as they deliberately wanted to challenge An other lie, the did not want to offend anybody, and is was not a competition, and the cartoonists was asked to draw what their feeling of Islam was. The feelings of the Muslims then did the following covering up behind the excuse of free speech and democracy. They wrote to 40 cartoonists and challenged them to compete about the best drawing. Not a competition – a request Most of did not respond; only 12 did. Next they (the paper) published those drawings (on September 30. th 2005). The pictures was accompanied by the editors remarks, which in short was about, that Muslims should accept this kind of satire, because this is one of the cornerstones in democracy, which ensures the freedom of speech. They therefore have not to feel offended, on equal terms of others who are being subject of satire.

Because of the seriousness of the situation, most Muslim unions and centers called for a meeting on Sunday 2. October to agreed upon number of actions to counter the hard attack, (from the newspaper) which had the intention of degrading the most glory full of persons in life (The prophet PUBH).
- The gathered agreed on forming a committee for support of the prophet Mohammad (PUBH) and announce Sheik Rais Huleihil to chairman of the committee.
- The criticism of what was said in the newspaper is represented by a statement of the wise, which was translated to Danish, but only fragments of it was published.
- A call to Muslims on participating in raising their voice to the newspaper in their own way, and to the medias at hand, to tell them that this cause represent a red thread for all Muslims, and not only the wise.
- Direct demands for an apology from the newspaper, and promises of that is would never happen again, and in future to respect all that is holy to the Muslims. (Follow sharia law)
- Collecting signatures among the Muslims against the newspapers actions on one side, and furthermore for support of the Muslim unions initiative to counterattack this and other attacks.
- Sending letters to political persons and political parties, to inform them of the seriousness of the situation, so that they can do their duty.
- Contact local and global medias, especially because they ignored the issue so far.

When we did not get the wanted response from the responsible persons at the paper, and after the Danish PM on purpose ignored the Islamic ambassadors request for at meeting with him, [the ambassadors requested the newspaper to be punished, therefore the PM rejected the meeting] we asked for a second meeting at October 9 th 2005, from which a statement was issued to local and global medias.

After the al-Djazira TV channel had broadcasted this news, the newspaper stepped up the conflict be reserving extra space on its homepage, with the headline “The pictures of the prophet” In additions the newspaper, very unusually, wrote an article in Arabic with the headline “The free word”, [Where the paper tried to explain what democracy and freedom of speech means] and it presented what al-Djazira had broadcasted, but insisted on their standpoint and stepped up the number of pages to cover this subject, with the purpose of giving space for them who were in support of the paper, and they presented the case as if it was freedom against suppression. [In reality, the paper called for Muslim views on the subject and reserved 1 – 2 more pages daily for Muslim readers to express their view. Many came forward, and never have we in Denmark head this much from the Muslim community, but the debate and the letters of opinion wan not on the side of the mullahs]

Among the noteworthy developments is the European Unions support to the Danish PM’s standpoint on not to meet with the Muslim ambassadors, because he claim not to interfere, due to his claim of that constitution does not allow this. [Indeed it doesn’t. It is put in the constitution that the government cannot interfere in what the free press writes]

On this background the Islamic organizations released a new statement, which demanded the Muslim world to intervene, now that the issue had become international, and because the issue had to do with our prophet (PUBH), and this concerns all Muslims in the world not only the Danish Muslims, because we can not allow any form of slogan, or apology, in this kind of insult of our prophet.

The case was dealt with at state leadership level in the Muslim world, as shown in the following argument.

Several conditions made our pain and anger greater:

1. The ridicule of Islam and its followers has become an easily distributed commodity, thus an almost closed newspaper published pictures which were much more offending at November 11, probably to regain its popularity, and this paper is the “Weekendavisen”. [These was clippings from various satire columns, and in fact a lot milder that the Jyllands-Posten drawings]

2. Muslims in this period received, and especially those who participated in protest of the printing of the drawings, different letter which in subject differed between threads and degeneration of Islam itself through attack on the Koran, as the claimed that it was invented, and they repeated the attacks on the prophet (PUBH) by sending animated pictures which was much more offending, and which can only come from a deep hatred to Islam itself as a religion [The drawing show a praying Muslim being raped by a dog, Mohammad as a pig etc. Those pictures had not been in the papers, their origin is unknown]

riots over danish cartoons3. Denmark greeted the Dutch author of Somali decent, who is the author of the film, that degrades Islam, and whose producer was killed recently in Holland. The reception for her was a continuation of the aggression especially because she gave an interview to Danish television where she talked about Islam in a degrading way. And the most strange is, that the prime minister, which said no to meet with the ambassadors, welcomed her and awarded her with a price, just as he showed his approval of her courageous points of view, and that he supported her fee opinions. So now you see how it is…. [Yes – Denmark decided to award her, as a tribute to the free right of artists expressing themselves]

Because of this, the organization called for a new meeting, where it was decided to put together several delegations, which should visit the Islamic world, with the intention of informing them about the danger of the situation, and get them to participate in the defense of support of our prophet (PUBH)

Our delegations visited the Republic of Egypt, and held a number of good and very positive meetings:

- A meeting with the ministry of foreign affairs, whose minister declared to the press, that this insult of Islam from the Danish press, is a scandal, and the promised to take up the matter at the Arabic Conference and with the Arabic Leque.
- A meeting with the general secretary for the Arabic Leque, which was very positive
- A meeting with al-Azhar’s sheik, whom reacted to the issue, and demanded a priority meeting at al-Azhar’s research center, to stop the attack.
- A meeting with the Egyptian Grand Mufti, which resulted in issuing a fatwa about boycotting Denmark, if the country did not, redrew its actions.

The meeting at the research center resulted in a statement on January 8 Th, which condemned these actions, and described it as an attack on Islam, which broke all borders for acceptable communications in dialogue. The statement made it clear, that they would take contact to relevant committees at the United nations, and to human right organizations in the defense of the right of the individual, and the protection of the cultural diversity, because one doesn’t want to promote the culture of hatred, and the demise of other people.

In the end we ask upon everybody that is eager to join the defense and support of the prophet. Seeking by all means which are available to establish a legislation, which guarantied the respect for all that which is holy in particular the Muslims holy places in a time where it has become easy to hit their holy places in cover of the fight of terror. [This head towards implementing the Sharia law in Europe, especially Denmark]

***********end of translation***********

A tip of the turban Hat Tip to daledamos for the translation.

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