Ireland: Muslims stage march over Mohammed cartoons

Mosque and community center in Dublin
Mosque/community center in Dublin
Photo Credit: IslamforToday

I don't want my readers to think that all Muslims are bloodthirsty, violent, barbaric, primitive, ignorant, Embassy-burning, fast-food-burning psychopaths. There happen to be a few who have protested peacefully against the printing of the Danish cartoons. Of course, the reason may be that in Ireland they are a very small minority and the fact that the Irish don't take crap from anyone:,
Muslims stage march over Mohammed cartoons

Hundreds of Muslims marched through Dublin city centre today in protest at the printing of caricatures depicting the Prophet Mohammed in newspapers across Europe.

Condemning worldwide violence, the peaceful protesters also used the event to openly thank the Irish media for not publishing the controversial cartoons.

Approximately 300 people from Dublin’s Islamic community turned out for the march in response to calls for an "international day of anger".

Organiser, Sheikh Dr Shaheed Satardien, who led the rally through the city, was surprised with the large turnout.

Denouncing violence and appealing for calm in the Irish Muslim community, he said: "We are not violent people and we do not call for an international day of violence. We are dignified people and we control our anger.

"We appeal to our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world to stop the violence in the name of Mohammed."

He congratulated the Irish media for using the Freedom of Speech with responsibility. The Irish Daily Star was the only paper to reproduce the cartoons.

I estimate there are over 25,000 Muslims in all of Ireland out of a total population of 4 million. Which helps explain a bit the relative calm in Ireland. The Muslim population in Ireland is doubling every few years. Almost none intermarry except for a few Irish women that convert when marrying Muslim men. No Muslim man has ever converted to Catholicism to marry an Irish woman. He would, of course, certainly be executed if he did so. One of the reasons that if not checked, Islam will take over the world.

All is not bleak with a larger Muslim population in Ireland: the incidence of drink-driving would go down. Score one for Islam!

But seriously, it shows that as long as the Muslim population is kept to very small numbers, they are much more manageable.

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My vote for the funniest title for a magazine article: The True, Peaceful Face Of Islam - that has to be the most absurd magazine article in history.

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