Muslims lie about Danish desertions - cartoon affair

Muslims boycott danish products over cartoons
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Earlier this morning in my post Danes deserted posts to Iraq - Cartoon Affair I reported that a now defunct Yahoo Group claimed that Danish soldiers deserted going to Iraq directly in response to Muslim violence and demonstrations against the insult of the Danish Cartoons.

I asked the paper [] which the Muslims quoted to confirm the story, here's the email response:

Dear Bernard

It was an extract from a story run by the national news agency Ritzau, telling that almost a third of soldiers attending a special military course before going to missions abroad had left the course in the months ahead of their designation. So, it was not a desertion in the true sense, and it has been going on well before the controversy on the cartoons broke out internationally. As possible explanations the Danish army points to possible dissatisfaction with the course and possible anguish among family members to soldiers heading for places like Iraq or Afghanistan.

Regards Jorgen Steen Nielsen

So, the story had nothing to do with caricatures of Mohammed, peace be upon him, or the Muslims' violent demonstrations against them! Muslims don't just lie to us - they lie to their own community. But it's a nice spin to try to make moderate Muslims believe that violence may after all be an effective weapon against Muslim "persecution" [my quotes].

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