Now this Camel`s Ass Should Offend Muslims

If Muslims thought the jyllands-posten cartoons of the image of muhammad wearing a turban shaped as a bomb were offensive, here is what is starting to circulate because of Muslim threats against the West:

mohammed on camel's ass

Even more egregious Mohammed images here [warning - some would be considered pornographic].

Listen to this idiocy: Dalil Boubakeur, the imam of the Mosque of Paris and president of the French Muslim Council trying to prove that the cartoons are lies said, "The prophet did not found a terrorist religion, but on the contrary a religion of peace."

It certainly seems every Muslim is willing to slit our throats to prove it.

The Muslim response to the Danish Cartoons should show to the West and all other infidel nations, that allowing Muslims into their countries will only lead to eventual civil war as almost happened in France. There is an Islamic powder keg getting larger and larger. The time to defuse it is now.

By the way, I am not opposed to immigrants, in fact I favor, with the exception of Muslims, unrestricted immigration into the US. I think it's good for our economy and even our way of life. However Muslims can never integrate into any other society and are determined to convert that society to their barbaric religion. Hell Sunnis don't mind blowing up Shiite women and children and vice-versa: imagine what they'll do to infidels in another country.

More Camel Stuff:

USA TODAY (19 May 2005) - Camel sits on West Virginia woman, Excerpt:

SHINNSTON, W.Va. (AP) — A 1,500-pound camel picked an unfortunate place to take a breather. A woman called for help on her cell phone Wednesday after a camel sat on top of her while she was painting a fence.

You hear the question often, "How did we survive before cellphones?" Now we know, we didn't survive, many of us died under the crushing weight of camels.


... crowds of people start flocking to the wrestling field. While the camel owners try to find a good spot in the fields where their camels can face each other off, those who want to watch the matches grab good place for themselves and their families. They cook meat on a barbecue spit. By about 9 or 10 o’clock, the camel wrestling fans have filled the field. Street sellers set up their stands and tables around the field where they offer a wide variety of food, drinks and souvenirs, while drummers and zurna players play traditional tunes. Inspired by the music, some people dance the traditional zeybek dance...

Here's the Video 5.4 MB, 3 February 2006

The video is breath-taking excitement. Interesting to note that Muslims discriminate against female camels as well as the human variety by not allowing them to wrestle. They treat women no better than female camels for a reason I suppose - any port in a storm, you think?

robot camel jockeys,
Robots riding Camels

Robots, designed in Switzerland, riding camels in the Arabian desert. Camel jockey robots, about 2 feet high, with a right hand to bear the whip and a left hand to pull the reins. Thirty-five pounds of aluminum and plastic, a 400-MHz processor running Linux and communicating at 2.4 GHz; GPS-enabled, heart rate-monitoring (the camel's heart, that is) robots.
Mounted on tall, gangly blond animals, bouncing along in the sandy wastelands outside Doha, Qatar, in the 112-degree heat, with dozens of follow-cars behind them.

It's nice to see the religion of compassion finally stop trafficking in 4 year-old jockey slaves after an international outcry. Now if we can only get them to stop white slavery as well. It may seem as if all's well that ends well for the little children, however as Wired said in the article above, "In effect they have simply been sent from one circle of hell to another."

robot camel jockeysMore on camel jockeys:

sciam perspectives,
Rise of the Robot Camel Jockeys

The sport, a favourite in the Gulf region, has faced widespread criticism from human rights organisations. Most of the jockeys used are children brought in mainly from the Indian sub-continent. Many of them are said to have been kidnapped or bought from desperate parents by unscrupulous traffickers, and there are allegations that they face exploitation and virtual slavery.

Famous Camel sayings: "oont kis karwat baithta hai" - This Urdu proverb literally means "let’s see which way the camel sits." The clever camel always sits so as to protect its eyes and nostrils from the sand whipped up by the storm. Then the camel rider can take shelter behind the camel's body. The closest that we get to the meaning in English is probably "Let’s see which way the wind blows."

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