Recent Muslim Violence against Christians just normal behaviour

danish flag trampled

Palestinian woman walks on Danish flag, thereby desecrating a Christian religious symbol. The flag was placed on ground in response to Danish newspapers' desecration of their religious symbol. Recall what every Muslim was saying at the time? That no Muslim would ever insult symbols of someone else's religion? Ah, hypocrisy, thy name is Islam.

How tolerant are Muslims of other religions? They wouldn't whip Christian women for not dressing according to Islamic dress codes (1), would they?

Muslims wouldn't just randomly kill a Christian (2), would they?

Asia News, 3 Feb 2006, Massacre of Christians in Jolo deals heavy blow to hopes for peace

Suspected Abu Sayyaf gunmen knocked on door in a farm in Patikul, Mindanao, and opened fire after asking residents if they were Christian. Six people are confirmed dead, including a nine-month baby girl, and five others are seriously wounded.

The massacre of Christians in Jolo "deals a heavy blow at hopes for peace” and is very dangerous because "any incident can now spark a war of religion,” a local Catholic source (who preferred to remain anonymous for security reasons) told AsiaNews as he commented this morning’s attack against Christians in Patikul, a small town on Sulu Island near Jolo (Mindanao). The perpetrators could be foreign extremists from abroad, a missionary expert in Filipino affairs said.

There are hundreds of incidents a day of attacks against Christians. What some of the Western Media may assume is that this is all in response to the Danish Cartoons. Quite the contrary: this is just another day of Muslims attacking infidels. Certainly a few consulates and churches got torched while Jihadists were yelling "death to defamers of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him) !!!" but this was something they wanted to do for a long time and only needed a spark or excuse to generate more company to help accomplish their goals.

Here is a composite photo of most major American Newspaper EditorsSo now attacks against Christians will get a little more publicity and average Joe American will be upset for a few days about all the mayhem but in the end he will just chalk it up to a temporary insanity among a few Muslim radicals. And why are we so complacent? Because our mainstream media is run by pussies who refuse to use the correct nomenclature of "hundreds of thousands of average Muslims rampage " and instead, out of fear or political correctness, write "a few Islamic extremists vent their frustration".

Give me a break.


(1):, Sudanese woman fined and whipped for not wearing headscarf

KHARTOUM, SUDAN (ANS) -- A young Christian woman displaced by decades of war was fined and whipped by police for not wearing a headscarf in public in Khartoum, at a time when the military government of Sudan is re-imposing shari'a (Islamic law) on all citizens residing in the capital, human rights watchdog Barnabas Fund said.

27-year old Cecilia John Holland was detained after she traveled on a minibus at Badr Gardens to her home in the suburb of Haj Yousif for not wearing the headscarf on April 13.

"Ten police forced the bus to stop and dragged her from it. She was modestly dressed in long sleeves and an ankle-length skirt, but her hair was uncovered in Khartoum temperatures of 100-105 degrees F".

Cecilia was taken to Sizana Islamic Court where Muslim policemen testified against her. She was not allowed to make any kind of statement or speak in her own defense.

The Islamic court declared Cecilia guilty and sentenced her to 40 lashes on the back and fined her 10,000 dinars, about $38, and the equivalent to one third of her monthly salary. She was released that afternoon after being whipped and paying the fine.

Cecilia is working as a catering officer for a local non-governmental organization and holds a diploma in catering from Khartoum Applied Sciences College. She is one of more than two million non-Muslim southerners in and around Khartoum who have been displaced as a result of the 21-year civil war between the mainly Arab Muslim North and the mainly African Christian and animist South.

The police told her that no-one, "not even a non-Muslim" was exempt from the Islamic dress code." In the two decades of conflict, an estimated two million people have been killed.



02/06/2006 ANKARA, Turkey — A teenage boy shot and killed the Italian Roman Catholic priest of a church in the Black Sea port city of Trabzon on Sunday, shouting "God is great" as he escaped, according to police and witnesses.

Officers were searching for the boy aged around 14 or 15, according to a police official who declined to be identified because of rules that bar Turkish civil servants from speaking to journalists without prior authorization.

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