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This is what happens when you can't take a joke - you get it even worse. Instead of protesting like normal human beings, Muslims just have to go berserk and prove to the world that yes, they certainly are all crazed jihadists out to behead all those who disagree with them.

The Muslims can't take mild cartoons? Well, now the wild stuff comes.

Go here to see uploaded insults to Islam and Mohammed, Peace be upon Him. But warning: there are graphic images of the alleged Prophet and nasty things with pigs and defecation. This is what happens when you burn embassies in response to mild insults. You overreact, then ordinary citizens of the world see you and your religion for what it really is and they overreact.

Draw Mohammed cartoon contests are sprouting up almost as fast as Muslim births. This is just the start.

***Warning***: Links to Offensive Satirical Mohammed Images Below:

Retecool's Mohammed Photoshop contest

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Mohammed Cartoon Contest

Mohammed's buttocks.



Piggy Mohammed.

Gregorius Nekschot's notorious cartoons

Of course, Muslims lie when they say that images of Mohammed are forbidden:

Images of Mohammed in Arabic countriesIraqi children with a picture of gregMohammed, Peace be upon Him, at the Al-Huda squatter's camp, Baghdad.

It was a trickle before but now comes the deluge, here are countries and papers that have reprinted the cartoons: Austria, Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, the Irish Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary, United States, Japan, New Zealand, Jordan, Malaysia and Poland..

I heard that the NY SUN published the cartoons but where is the American Press?

UPDATE (Mar 2010): Many of the anti-Muslim websites listed above have been closed down either by their hosts or authors. The Study of Revenge Blog is gone, but here is an archive of his art.

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