Iran Going Nuclear a Good Thing

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - madman of Iran

Perhaps that's what we need to get the military to take action against Iran: a raving lunatic with atomic weapons in charge of one of the largest Muslim nation who hates Jews and Americans.

Consider this:

Persian Journal, The nuclear case of Iran: 'everybody is happy'

Who wants the nuclear issue of Iran go away?

The regime of Iran?
The people of Iran?
The neighboring countries of Iran?
The USA?
The EU?
The Russians?
The Chinese?

The answer to all of the above is a big 'No'. Everybody seems to be happy to have the nuclear issue of Iran around.

When we first went to Iraq, the leftwing dingbats were asking how come we didn't attack North Korea that already had WMD. Of course the simple answer is that North Korea doesn't hate us but simply wants to trade nuclear threats for economic candies. That's easy to negotiate. Iran with a bomb however will be a different problem altogether: Muslims do not want to trade or negotiate but to destroy our way of life. Russia and China don't mind an armed Iran too much because they're certain they'll be able to sell them more reactors after Israel or the US destroys whatever they sell them now.

Things have to get much worse before they get better. I suspect it will take a European country to get nuked before they start mass deportations of Muslims which is the only solution to the spread of Islamic power. They won't assimilate in their host countries and they hate and despise Western culture.

Here is one reason everyone is afraid to place sanctions on Iran:

The Counterterrorism Blog, Iran Sanctions: Difficult But Necessary Now

Iran accounts for about 5% of the world’s oil exports. And with international spot oil prices over $65.00 a barrel, even threatening to cut off Iranian crude from the market could cause international oil prices to spike. This, alone, is likely to give hesitation to imposing comprehensive UN trade sanctions. China is a major importer of Iranian oil and traditionally reluctant to impose sanctions measures. Russia also has developed a lucrative market as a supplier to Iran's nuclear reactor program and for Iran's oil industry. Yet, both countries must share the same deep concerns as the West about Iran's gaining nuclear weapons status.

Update: March 29 2006:

The UN Security Council demanded that Iran immediately suspend its nuclear enrichment program. Although not legally binding they expect a report of the extent of Iran's compliance from the International Atomic Energy Agency before May 1st. Here's a video [you'll need RealPlayer] of the reading of the statement by the current president of the UN Security Council, then watch a briefing by UN ambassador John Bolton after the meeting.

Ahmedinejad says: This is commercial is killing me
Flickr-User: mockstar
If you enjoy detail and you have no life whatsoever, spend a few weeks reading globalsecurity to get all the skinny on Iran's enrichment program with diagrams, maps, reports, etc.

Other bloggers on Nuclear Iran:


nucleariran blogs specifically about, well, nuclear Iran.

The bus sign says: "Only good "intentions!" (in hebrew it also means "targets") referring to Iran's nuclear ambitions of needing nuclear energy for power.

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