Sebastian Villar Rodriguez or Sebastian Vivar Rodriguez

By Bernie on 19 Mar 2006

Europe Died in Auschwitz

The first reference you get when you google "Sebastian Vivar Rodriguez" is an online Spanish magazine Gentiuno and their posting of Nov 21, 2004: Europa murió en Auschwitz (Europe Died in Auschwitz) by Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez. No listing of attributes, no description of whether he is a journalist or even a Christian.

Since then a number of websites have republished that article changing the name and adding details such as "a Spanish Journalist" or "printed in a Spanish Daily Newspaper."

Here are the variations on the name (and Google links):

  • "Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez" (226)
  • "Sebastian Villar Rodriguez" (225)
  • "Sebastian Vivar Rodriguez" (84)
  • "Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez" (21)
  • "Sebastian Villar Rodrigez" (1)
  • "Sebastian V Rodriguez" (1)

In my previous post who_is_sebastian_vilar_rodrigez-and-who-cares I said that this was fake as to being printed in a Spanish Daily. No doubt all these variations of S* V* R* point back to this initial posting on Gentiuno. In the email variation of this article, I suppose someone felt it would have more authority if it were ascribed to some large metropolitan Spanish paper, but it looks like it's written by a nobody. This of course does not take away any of its truth.

It seems most often quoted on pro-Israeli sites. One of the earliest blogs I could find after the original Gentiuno posting is from FrontPageMag of 20 Sep 2005 where it is attributed to "a Spanish journalist, Sebastian Villar Rodriguez," and also in which Vivar is changed to Villar. Many blogs take this date or 23 Sep 2005 as the date the mythical Spanish Journalist printed the story.

Here are bloggers that reference Sebastian Villar Rodriguez israpundit, gerry charlotte phelps and further adventures of indigo red [ who also provides a translation of the Spanish from the perspective of a non-Spanish speaking person - go read it].

And this is the way it spreads, sigcarlfred quotes the anchoress online and others who in turn quote FrontPageMag. So why has it spread so quickly? My own feeling is that all these bloggers agree so much with the sentiments that they really don't care if it was actually printed anywhere; the important thing, I suppose is that it gets said at all. No one wants a bomb sent in the mail so we can all blame it on poor Sebastian Villar Rodriguez or Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez or Sebastian Vivar Rodriguez. Hey, Sebastian said it - not me! Don't shoot the messenger!

Here it is in French:

L'Europe est morte à Auschwitz.

«Je me promenais le long du cours Raval (Barcelone) quand je compris soudain que l'Europe était morte à Auschwitz. Nous avions assassiné 6 millions de Juifs pour importer finalement 20 millions de musulmans !

Nous avons brûlé à Auschwitz la culture, l'intelligence et la capacité de créer. Nous avons brûlé le peuple du monde, celui qui s'autoproclame le peuple élu de dieu. Car c'est le peuple qui a donné à l'humanité des figures emblématiques capables de changer la face de l'histoire (le Christ, Marx, Einstein, Freud...) et est à l'origine d'essentiels acquis de progrès et bien-être.

On doit bien admettre qu'en relâchant ses frontières et en se pliant, sous un douteux prétexte de tolérance, aux valeurs d'un fallacieux relativisme culturel, l'Europe, a ouvert ses portes à 20 millions de musulmans souvent analphabètes et fanatiques que l'on peut rencontrer, au mieux, dans des lieux comme ce cours Raval évoqué plus haut, paupérisation du tiers monde et du ghetto et qui préparent, au pire, des attentats comme ceux de Manhattan ou Madrid, terrés dans des appartements que leurs ont été fréquemment fournis par les milieux sociaux officiels.

Ainsi, nous avons échangé la culture pour le fanatisme, la capacité de créer pour la volonté de détruire, l'intelligence pour la superstition. Nous avons échangé l'instinct de transcendance des Juifs - qui, même dans les pires conditions imaginables ont toujours été à la recherche d'un monde meilleur de paix - , pour la pulsion du suicide. Nous avons échangé l'orgueil de vivre pour l'obsession fanatique de la mort. Notre mort et de celle de nos enfants.

Quelle erreur nous avons commise!

In Italian:

Sebastian Villar Rodriguez” giornalista spagnolo, mentre stava camminando lungo Raval (Barcellona) si è reso conto che lEuropa era morta bruciata dentro Auschwitz e si è detto che era stata bruciata la cultura, l’intelligenza, l’iniziativa, perché era stata bruciata una parte di umanità scelta e voluta da dio, gente da cui si sono generate nel mondo delle persone del calibro di: Cristo, Marx, Einstein, Freud.…. che rappresentano l’origine dle progresso e del benessere.

Questo per fare spazio a cosa? A un lassismo generale in Europa, al relativismo a 20 milioni di musulmani, spesso illetterati, fanatici con i quali stiamo venendo in contatto e che ha preparato e predisposto eventi come quelli del 9/11/2001, gli attentati di Madrid, che vivono fianca a fianco di noi beneficiando del nostro benessere sociale.

Abbiamo scambiato la cultura con il fanatismo, la capacità di generare con la volontà per distruggere, la saggezza con la superstizione, il senso trascendentale degli ebrei che anche nelle peggiori situazioni, hanno sempre cercato un modo pacifico, che non il bombardiere suicida. Abbiamo scambiato l’orgoglio della vita con l’ossessione fanatica della morte. La nostra morte e quella dei nostri bambini.

E’ grave ciò che abbiamo fatto.

Here it is in Esperanto and in Greek.

The sentiments expressed by Sebastian seem to be a paraphrase of a post of JAMES C. BENNETT from April 12, 2003 "Why do they hate us?"

But as to someone named Sebastian Rodriguez the only prior reference I could find is the German Jewish magazine Aufbau Online in their 24 Jan 2002 issue [but the link is now gone] where they note that a Sebastian Rodriguez visited a synagogue. Otherwise before or after I can't find anything else on line that world famous Sebastian vivar Rodriguez ever wrote or was interviewed or any biographical information at all.

Conclusion: If Senor Vivar is actually a journalist he obviously is writing under an assumed name.

concentration camp KL Auschwitz II-BirkenauThe idea that Auschwitz has defined the modern identity of Europe is discussed in cogent detail by the most excellent Fjordman at:

Brussels Journal,
08 Apr 2006,
I’m a Terrorist Groupie, Hear Me Roar!

What, in fact, is replacing assimilation? Anyone who does not want to assimilate, French culture assimilates into his identity. Children aren’t speaking French, but rather a jargon composed of Arabic words and meager French. "There is always a culture that emerges victorious. In no society is there a vacuum.” Another thinker, Pascal Bruckner, agrees that Europe has made repentance for old sins, perceived or real, the central point of its identity, and something close to an obsession. And this is unhealthy, according to him. "If somebody hits you, you will think: This is for something I have done." "Never again" and the belief that dialogue will take care of all problems are the guiding principles. We are filled with regret, but cannot fill Europe with anything positive.

Anyone may republish this article for non-commercial use without asking my permission. I make it easy, see details here.

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