Female Sexual Predator - oxymoron

Adrienne Lee Raymond jailed
Adrienne Lee Raymond

Let's stop with the nonsense. Unless a woman is holding a gun to a retarded 6 year-old boy, there is no such thing as a female sexual predator.

Here are some recent headlines:

Oregon Teacher Adrienne Lee Raymond Guilty of Sodomizing 15 year old Student 4/15/2006

38-year-old business woman arrested for engaging in sex with a 16-year-old boy. 4/22/2006

21-year-old Wingdale woman has been charged with third-degree rape of a 16-year-old boy. 4/21/2006

Substitute Teacher Arrested for Having Sexual Contact with High School Student 4/18/2006

Judge finds 35 year old school nurse guilty of molestation of teen. 01/19/2006

In the case above the nurse was given an astounding 11 years in prison!

rapeFor thousands of years, rape was defined as a male crime of violence against a woman and rightly so. The reasons were obvious aside from non-consent and the brutal aspects of the act. The girl or woman could get pregnant and her family and society would suffer the consequences. But where is the crime when a woman gives a teenager some decent head?

Does anyone believe that any of the women above tied the youth down against his will and performed oral sex on him?

Instead of putting these women in jail we should be giving them trophies and awards. I have no doubt that the reason there are so many young boys committing suicide is precisely because no one will have sex with them.

These women are performing a great public service and I use the word service here in its full meaning. What would you prefer, having a bunch of frustrated lacrosse players raping a stripper, or sexually satisfied young men entering college confident with their manhood?

A young man getting sex from an older woman is less likely to be forced by natural urges to get a young female impregnated.

And now tell the truth, who would be shivering in fear of a headline in the local paper announcing that a convicted female sexual predator had moved into town?

Is there any high school in this country where the following conversation takes place:

Hey Joey, I hope that new nurse doesn't try to give me oral sex - I certainly wouldn't want that. She puts her lips anywhere near my johnson and I'll whack her on the head. And if she ties me down with a rope - I'll scream.

Come on. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is stupid, Talibanish law.

Parents and prosecutors who charge these women with rape should be ashamed. If the woman is a teacher or nurse then the worst she should be charged with is misdemeanor abuse of trust.

And please, spare me that the boy will be ruined for life. Look at any of these young men testifying against their "molesters". They don't cry and whimper about how they were forced into a shameful act. They smile in court and their friends high-five them for getting it from the woman. What hypocrisy!

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