Peaceful Iran and Atomic Weapons

In 1974, the German contractor Siemens began construction of two 1,200-1,300 megawatt electric (MWe) pressurized water nuclear reactors near Bushehr. The German program included 2100 German workers and roughly 7000 Iranian workers. The Shah of Iran intended that this program would provide Iran with the infrastructure essential for industrializing the country.
Pressurized water nuclear reactors near Bushehr
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Iran has successfully enriched uranium for the first time, a landmark in its quest to develop nuclear fuel, hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday, although he insisted his country does not aim to develop atomic weapons.

So now we can add "Iran does not aim to develop atomic weapons" to the world's collection of

"The check is in the mail"
"I did not have sex with that woman"
"Islam is the religion of peace"

Other bloggers with perspectives on Iran:

Elias News,
Linking Tehran and Tel Aviv

Having been born and raised in a religious, pro-revolution atmosphere in Tehran, like many others from my generation, I knew nothing about Israel except that they were "a declining group of Jews who constantly conspire to kill Muslim and forcefully capture their lands".

From the Indypendent:

But in the cynical calculus of the White House, attacking Iran, particularly with tactical nuclear weapons, has its benefits. Using nukes would remove the taboo against their use while putting the whole world on notice that the United States is willing to use terror and genocide to enforce its rule.

Brussels Journal,
Iran's President Welcome in EU. Belarus's Not

If Iran’s president Ahmadinejad comes to the World Cup in Germany, he would not be warmly embraced. At least not by Angela Merkel, who, unlike local skinheads, might actually be unhappy about it. Still, as things unfold, he would be allowed into the country. Germany wants to be a good host, the Iranian team will be playing in the competition, and the Germans say they cannot deny the leader of a country the chance of seeing his team in action. Foreign policy is secondary; soccer is the King. And who says there is any need to get scared? After all, according to a recent poll, 45% of Germans consider Iran less threatening than the US. They would sooner ban Bush and Rumsfeld than Ahmadinejad.

From Atlas Shrugs:

Going to "the mattresses" it seems or at least to Chapter 7, note the America hating, Jew hating, reporter - not sure which weekly she was from.

Reporter: Sir, you’ve talked quite often about the credibility of the U.N., and it seems that...

Ambassador Bolton: And so has Secretary Rice recently.

Reporter: Yes, and Rice has, as well. But that seems to work in your favor when they do what you want them to. But you violated the U.N. Charter when you went to war against Iraq, and you consistently lied to us about the reasons that we went to war. And this war was drawn up in Herzliya, Israel, in 1996 with the Project for a New American Century. And, you know, why do you have credibility other than that you’ve just got the biggest guns?

Ambassador Bolton: Can I ask what media outlet you’re from?

Reporter: Muslims Weekly.

See the link on her blog for video on Bolton's Press Conference.

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