Students Against War - Not so Peaceful

AP Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Due, right, a U.S. Army recruiter, is surrounded by protesters at Seattle Central Community College on Jan. 20.

About a year ago, a mob of Seattle Central Community College students chased military recruiters off campus after a tense confrontation.

Students Against War has launched a petition drive aimed at persuading administrators to order a halt to on-campus military recruiting.

The group points to a November ruling by the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The Philadelphia-based court held that a college opposed to the policy barring gays and lesbians in the armed forces has a First Amendment right to protest by blocking access to military recruiters. From SeattlePi

Update: As pointed out by One Big Dog this was reversed. On March 6, 2006, the Supreme Court reversed a federal appeals court ruling in Rumsfield v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (FAIR). This decision upheld the constitutionality of the Soloman amendment, which specifies that federal funds may not be provided to higher educational institutions that deny military recruiters access to students equal to that provided other employers.

For an analysis see first amendment center.

BTW, Big Dog wrote to over 100 members of Congress complaining about way the idiots at UC Santa Cruz treated the military recruiters (1) and only received one response.

SAW keeps busy:

seal of the democratic party

PFB Blog, Liberalism is Like Toys ‘R’ Us

Last week, a few "kids" showed up at UC Santa Cruz to protest the military recruiters. To display their penchant for variety, they engaged in many forms of "protest," including rock hurling, slashing tires, and various acts of "thuggery." The group, "Students Against War" (SAW), then put out a press release with the names and contact info. of their students leaders. This was a public press release, mind you. Michelle Malkin then published info. from their very public press release (being a member of the press, and all), and, subsequently, the SAW student leaders allegedly received unkind correspondence that I'm sure didn't come close to equaling their acts of violence against the military recruiters, chronicled above. The response by the lefties? Unhinged - like never before. You really have to read it to believe it. Such hypocrisy and baby nonsense. So typical of the left.

To get the whole story, check out Michelle Malkin's blog. For me, it just confirms my theory: "Liberalism is like Toys 'R' Us - It's for People Who Just Don't Want to Grow Up."

What I have said often: The anti-war movement by itself is very, very small. Fortunately for them, it brings out all the rest of the whackos: Greenpeacers, Animal-rightists, Palestinians, feminists, racist blacks, anti_Bushites, Cindy Sheehans, and the rest of the clueless. This is not to say that some of their positions have no merit, but that they take such violent means to express themselves that it deflates whatever arguments they may have. I can't listen when someone is accusing me of f*cken killing innocent women and children. Do bad things happen in this world? Yes. Let's discuss it. You start throwing rocks and I will retaliate - I will certainly not consider you a human being with any rights.



American Daily, Earth to UC, Santa Cruz: 'Students Against War' Doesn't Protect Free Speech; Our Military Does

HERNDON, Va., April 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Tuesday’s harassment of military personnel at the University of California, Santa Cruz is nothing new on that campus. On October 18, 2005, the campus group Students Against War, with faculty support, organized a "queer kiss-in” directly in front of recruiter tables during the job fair, blocking military access to students. The protesters held signs and wore shirts that said "F*** the Military,” "Homophobes, Sexists, Racists – Get Out!” "Hate-Free Campus,” "College not Combat,” and "Free Palestine.”

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