How Last Tsunami Survivor made it - a mystery

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There is no shortage of blogs on Katrina, e.g.: Thousands of Gulf Coast residents have been told they must repay millions of dollars in federal Hurricane Katrina benefits that were excessive or, in some cases, fraudulent.

What is not known is that there are survivors of last year's Tsunami still showing up.

More than 283,100 souls perished in the [2004 Indian Ocean earthquake], known in this country as the Asian Tsunami. Despite being certainly one of deadliest disasters in modern history, some survivors swept to sea were found alive clinging to debris days later.

spokesman review,
5 Jan 2005,
Tsunami survivors jam hospitals

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – Haggard and dehydrated survivors of Asia's tsunami catastrophe flooded hospitals in the disaster zone Tuesday, posing a new challenge for the global relief operation... Officials said an Indonesian man swept out to sea was found alive, afloat on tree branches and debris about 100 miles from shore."

Supermodel Petra Nemcova survives tsunamiWe all recall the publicity about Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Petra Nemcova surviving the Asian tsunami disaster. Nemcova told the New York Daily News that she stayed afloat by clinging to a palm tree for eight hours, despite a broken pelvis and internal injuries.

More on the story from sports illustrated.

Nemcova, here on the 2003 Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, and her boyfriend, British photographer Simon Atlee, had been vacationing in Phuket when the waves swept over them Sunday.

Other stories of survivors from previous tsunamis:

29 Dec 2004,
Miracle girl survives tsunami on a door

Meghan Rajshekhar, 13, disappeared along with 77 other people when the giant tsunami struck an Indian air force base by the sea on the remote Car Nicobar island. Locals found her walking in a daze along the beach on Tuesday after clinging to a door on the stormy seas for two days, the Hindustan Times reported Wednesday."

taipei times,
30 Dec 2004,
Taiwanese girl survives tsunami in coconut tree

A TV-grab shows six-year-old Yeh Chia-ni recounting her experience of surviving a tsunami in Phuket, Thailand. Six-year-old Taiwanese girl survived the killer tsunami that battered Thailand after landing in a coconut tree that prevented her from being washed away, local TV reports said.

What may be unknown to many in regard to the most recent tsunami is a report that an American woman who worked at one of the local clubs on the Island managed to survive without any debris or flotation devices for days not just hours.

To find out how this was accomplished I tracked her down and asked Crystal Lapdance, pictured here, how she was able to float for so long, but she was as baffled as Island officials.

huge breasts keeps woman afloat

Here is a more recent photo of Petra Nemcova:

Supermodel Petra Nemcova

For my Gallery on Petra click here.

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