Official search for dog continues - but here`s the real story

vivi the missing whippet

Handout of Photo of Vivi

The Queens Chronicle - May 27 2006 - Vivi Volunteers Continue Search For Missing Dog, Excerpt:

They may be frustrated, but the volunteers hoping to help rescue a missing champion whippet are doggedly determined to keep up the search even though it’s been three months.

The volunteers—mostly women and all dog lovers—come every Saturday to a Fresh Meadows park to pick up new posters to hang in northern Queens in hopes of finding Vivi, the missing whippet.

Vivi disappeared on Feb. 15 when her crate opened on the tarmac at Kennedy Airport en route to her home in California. She had just competed in the Westminster Dog Show. Initially, the sightings centered around the airport, but about a month later, she was seen in the Bayside area.
For three months since her disappearance, a major volunteer effort has been undertaken by local residents and other dog fanciers. At first, they concentrated on finding the dog and rescuing her. But that became counterproductive when Vivi journeyed farther afield.


Here are the unreported details I posted three months ago:

Official search for dog called off (Newsday), Excerpt:

The formal search for the award-winning show dog named Vivi, who bolted from her cage Wednesday at Kennedy Airport, was officially called off at midday today.

In the past 24 hours, "the searchers covered the entire airport property of nearly 5,000 acres but did not spot the dog," said Alan Hicks, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Officers patrolling the area, however will continue to "keep their eyes open" for the wayward whippet, he said, adding that Vivi's owners "have left the airport and did not wish to speak to the media."


Hey, I'm sorry for Ms Vivi Whippet (is that a male or female name?) and if she's not found right away I'm sure she'll be turning tricks no time if she falls in the wrong crowd. She'll wander around Port Authority - some dude'll come up and ask, "Hey bitch - you hungry - looking for a place to crash?" That's it, it's over. No more blue ribbons for you.

But that's not the story here. As usual our MSM have either missed or refused to print the real deal out of so-called "respect" for Muslim sensitivities. I have it on good authority that an Afghan Hound attacked an Old Danish Pointer because of the insult to the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, at the Danish Newspaper.

danish pointerThe owner of the Afghan Hound , Mukhtar Ibn Ahs-hool defended his dog's actions by saying that although this particular dog had nothing to do with the actual publishing of the photos, Muslim honor demands retribution. Indeed, Crimes of Qisas give the victim the right to retaliate.

When told that dogs cannot publish cartoons, Mukhtar responded that the Great Imam of Denmark declared that "ALL Danish Dogs must pay for the insult to our prophet, peace be upon him!"
afghan hound

A $5,000 reward is being offered for finding Vivi. Anyone having knowledge of her whereabouts is asked to call the Westminster communications office at 212-213-3212 any time (24 hours).

Other bloggers searching for Vivi:

the mystery news - Excerpt:

Port Authority police, dog lovers, multiple psychics, and a pet detective from Oklahoma have all been drawn into the search for Vivi, whose full name is Champion Bohem C'est La Vie. The dog's co-owner Jil Walton flew to New York from California after the increase in Vivi sightings of late, and has been walking about the woods trying to spread her scent.

Newsday - Animal house - Excerpt:

When Jil Walton of Claremont, Calif., got off the red-eye at John F. Kennedy International Airport yesterday morning, she beelined to a corner of Queens she knew only from the grids of a Hagstrom map.

The 39-year-old patrolled the marble angels of Flushing Cemetery, and trekked the trails of Kissena Park. Then from a remote trail, she spotted a pup tent camouflaged by high grass.

Her fiance and travel companion, Rick Patterson, 44, clambered down the hill. "Have you seen a little white dog?" he asked the human inside.


muslim riots over danish cartoonsthought alarm - Excerpt:
In a political scandal of historic proportions, news has just broke that Vivi the missing show dog may be behind the sale of six major U.S. seaports to a state-owned business in the United Arab Emirates. While this theory has thus remained unconfirmed, what we do know for certain is that the President himself had no idea about the pending sale, solidifying his position as the only man in America who can give you chills and make you mutter 'I'm not a bit surprised' in the same heartbeat.

Dogma Blog - Excerpt:

My esteemed pet-columnizing colleague Denise Flaim of Newsday expands on the Vivi story (the little whippet's still missing, by the way) with a piece on another dog who escaped at a New York airport...

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