Goodbye Dan Rather - CBS, We Knew It When You Blew It.

Here's some sad info to ponder: Dan Rather, who is known by some as the inventor of news, will be leaving CBS:

Philadelphia Inquirer, Rather out at CBS, sources say

After 44 years, Dan Rather will leave CBS by the end of the month, at the latest, industry sources said Friday. His departure could come as early as next week.

CBS=Constant Bull Shit[...]

Anchor of CBS Evening News for a record 24 years until being forced out in March '05 by the Memogate scandal, Rather was fighting to stay at the network in some "meaningful" capacity. It was clear that the network wanted him gone.


Rather wants to work hard. If he can't do it at CBS, he'll do it somewhere else.

But no matter where he ends up, Rather will forever be known as a CBS newsman, the correspondent says.

"You can let him leave, but CBS News is burned onto his forehead."

I think it's a shame that a respected and diligent journalist is fired just because he's an idiot leftist. So what if he introduced tainted documents that were never certified as authentic and accurate just to screw up Bush's chances for re-election less than two months before the 2004 elections? What liberal loony toon, after all, has not resorted to lies and innuendo to further his anti-American agenda? Why should this moron be singled out above all others?

dan rather black eye for CBS
Photo Credit: Strange Politics
And speaking of morons, had Mr. Rather introduced his anti-Bush propaganda as a documentary he might well have won an Academy Award since that very same month Michael Moron took Fahrenheit 9/11 out of the running.

Of course before the Internet came along, Rather could get away with lies and distortions, but the blogosphere now has an army of citizen journalists that is hard to fool.

Perhaps this will be a lesson to all aspiring leftist journalists: keep your idiot opinions to yourself and just report the news. If you want to share your opinions with the world at large, do what I do: blog.

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