Sony's Amy Pascal Named Most Powerful Non-Male In Hollywood
Sony's Amy Pascal Named Most Powerful
Non-Male In Hollywood
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If you want to know about famous Jewish inventors, scientists, engineers and geniuses, then David Duke's Website has perhaps the best source and background material that you can find on the genius and the pervasiveness of the fantastic achievements of the Jewish people.

So it was only a matter of time before the secret would be discovered: the Jews are behind the Da Vinci Code.


Almost everyone realizes the Da Vinci Code is an unprecedented attack on Christianity and Jesus Christ. But most people don’t know that the media giants orchestrating this attack are Jewish.

Sony Corporation, the force behind the Da Vinci Code movie, is the eye of this Jewish promotional octopus. In the late 1980s, Sony of Japan bought out Metro Goldwyn Meyer, Columbia Pictures, and United Artists. Former president of Jewish-owned CBS, Howard Stringer (a Jew), became second in command of Sony International. He is chair and CEO of Sony of America. [Standard & Poor’s Register, 2006]

Sony of America is dominated by Jewish names. Emily Susskind is president. Robert Wiesenthal is executive VP and chief financial officer; Nicole Seligman is executive VP and general counsel. Phil Weiser is CTO and senior VP. Michael Fidler Jr. is senior VP. Jay Samit is general manager of Connect. Gretchen Griswold is director of corporate communications. [Ibid and LexisNexis, Corporate Affiliations International, volume 8, 2005].

Sony’s subsidiary, Columbia Pictures, maker of the Da Vinci Code movie, is headed by Amy Pascal, a Jew. She is also chairman of Sony’s Motion Picture Group. [LexisNexis, Corporate Affiliations International] The producer of the film is Brian Grazer, a Jew.

This is quite silly. If you threw a rock in the air in Hollywood there is a 99% chance that you will hit a Jewish agent, producer, director, or studio head. So what?

The article continues...

The screenplay was written by well-known, Jewish screenwriter Akiva Goldsman.

While originating with Sony, the Da Vinci Code’s promotion is a many-pronged attack on Christianity coming from the Jewish media community.

Sony worked closely with NBC in promotion of NBC/Universal’s anti-Christ Book of Daniel last winter. Now NBC, presided over by its Jewish head of television programming, Jeff Zukor, has lavishly promoted Sony’s Da Vinci Code movie on NBC. This past week, Today Show host Matt Lauer led the nation on a European "treasure hunt” in the steps of the Code. CBS, presided over by Jewish Sumner Redstone, and ABC, by Jewish Michael Eisner, have helped build a firestorm of public curiosity about the book and movie.

The article goes on about Jewish publishing houses, Jewish conglomerates, Jewish controlled this and Jewish owned that and Jewish monopolies here and Jewish conspiracies there.

If you didn't know any better, you'd have to think that the website is a front for the Zionist Organization of America in the way that they keep pounding home how smart, clever, and outright brilliant these pesky Jews are!

Did you know that Israelis Hold Keys To N.S.A. & U.S. Military Computer Networks? (1)

And here we see two Jews visiting President Bush and First Lady Bush, proof that Jews control the White House:

rabbi shemtov

Did you know that the Israeli Lobby rules American foreign policy? (2)

No, I don't think David Duke is paranoid. I just say thank god the Israelis never asked to have the Ten Commandments Annulled! Man these Jews are not only bright, they're powerful.

But no matter how clever they are, no matter how much these Jews dissemble, no matter how devious, no matter how intricately detailed are the records they've unearthed about WWII, David Duke is not fooled by the Holocaust claims.

When it comes to the Holocaust, Duke sees a kindred spirit in Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Read Iranian Leader Breaks New Ground in Spiegel Interview! Excerpt:

SPIEGEL: Even though no Western scholars harbor any doubt about the Holocaust?

Ahmadinejad: But there are two opinions on this in Europe. One group of scholars or persons, most of them politically motivated, say the Holocaust occurred. Then there is the group of scholars who represent the opposite position and have therefore been imprisoned for the most part. Hence, an impartial group has to come together to investigate and to render an opinion on this very important subject, because the clarification of this issue will contribute to the solution of global problems. Under the pretext of the Holocaust, a very strong polarization has taken place in the world and fronts have been formed… Normally, governments promote and support the work of researchers on historical events and do not put them in prison.

SPIEGEL: Who is that supposed to be? Which researchers do you mean?

Ahmadinejad: You would know this better than I; you have the list. There are people from England, from Germany, France and from Australia.

SPIEGEL: You presumably mean, for example, the Englishman David Irving, the German-Canadian Ernst Zündel, who is on trial in Mannheim, and the Frenchman Georges Theil, all of whom deny the Holocaust.


I've read this so many times from Holocaust deniers. As if no true historical research can be done because Germany and Austria have laws that forbid denying the Holocaust. Again, so what? Does that mean American researchers cannot find out the truth because Germany has this law?

In America we too have laws against certain groups. For example, it is forbidden to plot to overthrow the American Government. Where is our freedom of speech? Of course, each country has a right to forbid certain types of speech that are a direct threat to its existence. Although there is no such need for it in America, I can see it for Germany where the fear was any re-awakening of Neo-Nazi groups.

But to argue that the Holocaust is a lie because Germany prohibits such sentiments is like saying the Earth must be flat precisely because America says it is absolutely, definitely, without a doubt round.

And to whom do Holocaust deniers turn to for expert advice? Last Feb 21, I reported that Lady Michele Renouf, who was Miss Newcastle 1968 [Australian Beauty Queen Contest], called for the bodies of Holocaust victims to be dug up to see if they really were gassed.

Herald Sun News - Australia,

The socialite divorcee was speaking outside a Vienna court where British historian David Irving was jailed for three years yesterday for denying the Holocaust.

Irving, 67, pleaded guilty after admitting he'd been wrong to doubt the Nazi extermination of millions of Jews. [...]

It is a crime to deny the Holocaust in Austria, the country where Adolf Hitler was born. [...]

Outside court, Lady Renouf, 59, ran the risk of being charged herself when she called for the bodies of "so-called Holocaust victims to be exhumed to see whether they died from typhoid or gas".

Dressed in a pinstripe suit with a Union Jack lapel pin, she praised Irving for "standing up to the Zionists."

Yes, I suppose it is possible that millions of Jews died - not from a systematic plan of genocide - but from a strain of typhoid bacillus that only attacked Jews.

I guess that sums up her entire knowledge on the holocaust question. These are the kinds of people that the Iranians quote as authoritative sources for denying the holocaust.

The math is simple. World Jewish Population 1939: 17-19 million; 1946: 11 million. Today: 16 million (less than there were in 1939!).

Muslims would like us to believe that 5 million Jews hid under assumed names in Palestine in 1946. Unfortunately there are not even 5 million Jews living in Israel today, let alone 1946!

I think they should add one more question to any beauty contest in addition to the "how can we have world peace?" like "Are you an anti-Semitic idiot-bimbo?"

The winner of the International Lisp Contest for 2002, Lauren Bot [an artificial intelligence program] at least can intelligently reply to the following questions:

are you beautiful?
Can we achieve world peace?

And since she wasn't around in 1945 Lauren Bot gives an honest answer to "did 6 million Jews die in camps?"

Oh, yes, here's Miss Newcastle 1968's entry into the Iranian Holocaust Contest held by Hamshahri News; it's a self-portrait revealing her true inner soul:
Miss Newcastle 1968



The Official Website of Representative David Duke, Israeli Spyware Debacle

The most critical computer and communication networks used by the U.S. government and military are secured by encryption software written by an Israeli “code breaker” tied to an Israeli state-run scientific institution.

The National Security Agency (NSA), the U.S. intelligence agency with the mandate to protect government and military computer networks and provide secure communications for all branches of the U.S. government uses security software written by an Israeli code breaker whose home office is located at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.


The Official Website of Representative David Duke, Uri Avnery, Former Israel Knesset Member Confirms Walt and Mearsheimer

The findings of the two professors are right to the last detail. Every Senator and Congressman knows that criticizing the Israeli government is political suicide. Two of them, a Senator and a Congressman, tried - and were politically executed. The Jewish lobby was fully mobilized against them and hounded them out of office. This was done openly, to set a public example. If the Israeli government wanted a law tomorrow annulling the Ten Commandments, 95 Senators (at least) would sign the bill forthwith." I don’t usually tell these stories, because they might give rise to the suspicion that I am paranoid.

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