What if Jews were Insulted?

So I get an email (yes from a Muslim) complaining that Jews would react just as violently over the cartoon affair earlier this year if they were insulted.

OK. First the Muslim response:

demonstrators protest the Danish Cartoons

AP Photo - Karachi - Feb 16 2006 - A few demonstrators took to the streets to protest the Danish Cartoons insulting the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

mohammed is the father of civil rights

This London Protester obviously is learning something interesting in her Muslim school

NY Protester over Danish Cartoons

NY Protester wants us to know of things to come

Iranians burn cross

Iranians burn cross to demonstrate how tolerant they are of other religions

Pakistani women protest Danish cartoons

One or Two Pakistani women come out to quietly voice their objections over blasphemous cartoons

Tanzania youth protest Danish cartoons

Tanzania youth welcomes Denmark into the peaceful world of Islam

So to answer the Muslims complaint that Jews would react just as violently if they were insulted. Yes, you are right, once when I made an offensive Jewish joke when I was studying in Jerusalem, a Jew threw a bagel at me. Unfortunately, it was before he put lox and cream cheese on it. Now of course you know that bagels are sacred - so this rarely happens unless a Jew is severely provoked. This is why you will hear the phrase "he threw a fit" but you will hardly ever hear "he threw a bagel".

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