Hezbollah`s End Of Days


If the UN, the leftist sissies of the EU, and our own defeatists would just mind their own f*ckin business and let Israel do its job, perhaps the world can be rid of a least one sub-specious on this planet: Hezbollah.

Modern Ghana News, Hezbollah drone batters Israeli warship

Israel again bombarded Lebanon's airport and main roads in the most intensive offensive against the country in 24 years. For the first time it struck the crowded Shiite neighborhood of south Beirut around Hezbollah's headquarters, toppling overpasses and sheering facades off apartment buildings. Concrete from balconies smashed into parked cars, and car alarms set off by the blasts blared for hours.

And what is the reaction on the streets of Lebanon? Well, if you are a Muslim who is taught to hate the infidel from the time you are a mere child:

We are on the right and we shall avenge every attack we endure," said Fadi Haidar, an American-Lebanese who swept up the shattered glass outside his store in south Beirut. "I have huge debts and now my store is damaged.... But as time goes by, they will all realize that Sayyed Nasrallah is right and is working in the interest of Muslims."

The above from an American-Lebanese! How brainwashed and ignorant can you be? On the other hand, here's a Christian-Arab point of view:

There was some resentment that Hezbollah had dragged the Lebanese into another bloody fight with Israel. "As long as Hezbollah has its weapons and acts according to its leader's whims, there is pretext for Israel to keep on destroying Lebanon," said Ibrahim al-Hajj, a Christian shop owner in the southern village of Qleia.
I feel terrible for all the Christian-Arabs that have to suffer for the actions of their Muslim compatriots. But unless Lebanon gets the backbone to remove every single element of the Hezbollah from its country, they will never have peace. In that regard they deserve everything that will happen to them and it doesn't look good.

Hezbollah accused Israeli warplanes of violating Lebanese airspaceThis is not the first time Hezbollah has used drones against Israel; 2004 - Hezbollah drone flies over Israel, Excerpt:

The militant Lebanese group Hezbollah has flown a reconnaissance drone over Israeli territory for the first time.

A statement issued by Hezbollah said it came in response to repeated Israeli violations of Lebanon's airspace.

Hezbollah said its unmanned craft overflew a number of areas in northern Israel before returning to Lebanese territory.


Related: Atlas Shrugs - Can Israel save the Arabs?, Excerpt: Nothing happens for decades, decades happen in a day. Yousseff Ibrahim, whose work I long admire, says the ROAD TO BEIRUT LEADS STRAIGHT TO DAMSCUS. There is an historical opportunity here for the West. Once again it falls to Israel's broad shoulders but who better?


So why did I start this post off so pissed? Read this about the French weasels:

Pirate's Cove, French Surrender Alive and Well

Ze French cheese eating surrender monkeys are up to their old tricks, and are at the top of their game:

PARIS (Al Reuters) – France condemned Israel's offensive in Lebanon on Friday as "completely disproportionate" and Beirut said it had been assured by President Bush he would press Israel to limit civilian casualties.

Atlas Shrugs: Dhimmi Chirac Rolls Over to Terror, Excerpt: Watching Jacques Chirac squirm and tic while admonishing Israel today was painful. A fool is he. Does Chirac really believe that by kowtowing, by towing the terrorists' mantra will spare him riots, burned cars, women beaten and raped? He is a sad case and sadly mistaken. His weakness invites terror. His weakness invites scorn. His weakness is surrender.


This from a country that threatened to launch a targeted nuclear strike against any state that carried out a terrorist attack on French soil.

Assorted Babble has updates running at All Out War - The World Showdown, Excerpt:
Yesterday a Israeli war ship off the shores of Lebanon was hit by an Iranian missile. Via ynetnews: IDF: Missile that hit ship Iranian-madeToday, July 15, 2006

The war continues......Our South American (too close for comfort neighbor) madman Venezuelan's President Hugo Chavez flames the fire with making outragous statements. Via Haaretz: Chavez: U.S. support for Israel will end in a 'Holocaust'


Wizbang - Israel-Hezbollah War Update, Excerpt:

Since Israel has destroyed Hezbollah's Beirut headquarters, Hezbollah leaders, including Nasrallah, are leaving the city according to a London Arabic newspaper report, Israel gave Syria an ultimatum: either stop Hezbollah's attacks and return the kidnapped Israeli soldiers in 72 hours or face an attack of "disasterous consequences":

If I were in charge in Israel this would be my response:

nuclear finger

Perhaps it would have been impossible the last time to wipe out Hezbollah because of the possible international outcry that would have ensued. But now Israel has the chance to completely disinfect Lebanon with very little worry about Muslims everywhere else retaliating in sympathy. With the US in Iraq, the Arab world is particularly quiet about the whole thing. And that's a good thing.

Of course, the left will bleat (like the sheep they are) that this adventure of Israel's will only make the world less safe, not more. Yeah right. If all the Jews in Israel were driven into the sea, Muslims everywhere in the world would fold their tents into the night. There would suddenly be peace in Nigeria, the Sudan, Somalia, Bali, the Phillippines, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechniya, and the other 356 countries where they blow up innocent women and children in order to show everyone how evil the Western World is.

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