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It's quite simple. It's not border disputes; it's not sectarian violence; it's nothing to do with Kashmir.

Before I tell you what it's all really about, here's the background: The blogosphere (at least the right - the left is mostly silent on the issue) is engorged again, this time with posts of Islamic barbarity against Indian civilians in Mumbai.

Of course, we in the West, what do we know about Indian Politics? At first it seems it's all about Kashmir:

stop the aclu,
Seven Explosions at Bombay Train Stations

Some are suspecting Kashmiri militants. Another report says forty dead. ….and another is reporting at least 100!

Suitably Flip points to Express India reporting that one of the perpetrators of the Srinagar attacks was apprehended by bystanders and turned over to police.

Allah Pundit hopes they treated him with the dignity due him under the Geneva Conventions.

gateway pundit, Kashmiri Terrorist Caught with Explosives in Delhi

After the explosions in Mumbai, a Delhi man was arrested later today with explosives and cash he was carrying for the Islamic terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba the from Kashmir...

Officials report the arrested man says he has no connections to the Mumbai bombings earlier in the day.

conservative cat - [defunct blog] - Terror Attack in India Possibly from Islamic Rebels, Excerpt:

The bombings are believed to be the work of Kashmiri rebels, though we do not yet know if they are seeking independence for Kashmir or annexation of the Indian portion by Pakistan. The reason for the assumption that the attack is Kashmir-related is that clashes over Kashmir have been non-stop in recent weeks. A simple Google search reveals a strike in Batamaloo on June 23>, two gun battles on June 30, and another two on July 3.

Perhaps it's to cripple India's economy: Independent Conservative - Bombs in Bombay?, Excerpt: Bombay is the financial center of India. This was targeted to hurt their market, which may crash when they open tomorrow.

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Muslin tea bags
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Maybe it's payback for some insult, two days ago:

khaleej times online, [dead link]
Calm returns to Bombay as Hindu hard-liners demand arrests

BOMBAY, India - Calm returned to India’s financial capital on Monday a day after Hindu nationalists protested the desecration of a memorial by burning buses, blocking roads and forcing shops to shut.

Train and buses services resumed normal services as leaders of the hard-line Shiv Sena party called for restraint after mobs took to the streets on Sunday to protest the smearing of mud on a statue of party founder Bal Thackeray’s late wife Meenatai.

Pakistan hints terrorism could end if long-standing disputes resolved:
khaleej times online - [dead link] - India angry after Pakistan links bombs to talks, Excerpt:

India reacted angrily on Wednesday to comments by Pakistani Foreign Minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri that sought to link the Mumbai bomb blasts with outstanding disputes between the two countries.

"We find it appalling that Foreign Minister Kasuri should seek to link this blatant and inhuman act of terror against men, women and children to the so-called lack of resolution of disputes between India and Pakistan," External Affairs Ministry spokesman Navtej Sarna told a news conference.

"These remarks seem to suggest that Pakistan will cooperate with India against the scourge of cross-border terrorism and terrorist violence only if the so-called disputes are resolved. Terrorism cannot be tolerated on any ground," Sarna said.


OK. Now for the real answer: This originally started out as a water dispute: prior to 1948 water conflicts were resolved by Executive Order in British India. After the British left, India and Pakistan fought to control Kashmir. The water which flows from the mountains of Kashmir turns into rivers that feed into both Pakistan and India. Therefore, whoever controls the tap can turn it off to the other. Both countries fought over it until 1960 with the signing of the Indus Waters Treaty. The treaty allocated water to both countries and the stability of each of their economies hung on the situation in Kashmir remaining cool. Everything seemed fine.

Then in 1974 India blew it. A nuclear device that is. The Saudis began to spread their fundamentalist version of Islam into Pakistan and pushed Islamic radicalism on the Pakistani armed forces. Saudi-style madrassas are set up. Comes 1977 and General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq overthrows the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and establishes a fundamentalist regime. Over the next few years he helps support insurgencies in Indian Kashmir among the Muslims of the Kashmir Valley.

When Jimmy Carter failed to use America's Big Stick during the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan to stem Iran's Islamic Revolution.

America needed an ally to hold the Soviet expansion from reaching the Arabian Sea. Zia-ul-Haq agreed to let Afghan resistance set up headquarters in the northern city of Peshawar. To pay this favor back the US sent massive economic and military aid to Pakistan. It was during this time that millions of Afghani refugees poured into Pakistan like locusts. Pakistani cities along the Afghan border became home to Islamic mujaheddin, most of them coming from Algeria, Chechnya, Egypt, Jordan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, etc.

The Soviet forces left Afghanistan in 1989 also leaving the mujaheddin with nothing to do. As we see in many Rambo-type movies, fighters with nothing to do become mercenaries. And so our mujaheddin took up jobs with some warlords for control of the country. At the same time the Pakistanis helped the Taliban regime to take control over most of it.

You know the rest - 9/11 - Bush attacks the Taliban, so on. Some mujaheddin are still in Afghanistan, some are in Iraq, some are in Pakistan, and some stir up trouble in Kashmir. The Pakistani madrassas set up in the early years of the Soviet/Afghan conflict are still churning out young mujaheddin. They never stopped even until the present day. None of these young men know or care about irrigation disputes, territorial imperatives or national identities. They only know two things: The Big Satan and the Little Satan. And they know only one imperative: destroy the infidel.

So it would be a mistake to think this is merely some border dispute. It has nothing to do with Kashmir; the problem is with Islam. It seems a certain portion of our population needs to believe in a God. And the more desperate and poverty-stricken you are, the more you really need religion. If Islam were not rooted in 722 AD there would be no problem. The problem with Islam is that it produces Muslims.

muslims do it again - bombs over bombayThe resolution to the Kashmiri problem and the Bali problem and the Phillipine problem and the Banda Aceh problem and the Nigerian problem and the Somali problem and the Sudanese problem and the Danish problem and the French problem and , well, you get the idea; the resolution to all these problems is to root out religious extremism among Muslims.

If no one wanted Kashmir, if Kashmir dried up entirely and disappeared, Muslims would still be blowing up buses and trains in India and other places. It's what they do.
It's quite simple.

But sepia mutiny thinks there is a Deafening silence in the blogosphere, maurice reeves agrees:

Even the bombings in London and Madrid didn't spark much interest, except for those hawks who used it as further proof that islamists were expanding their war against, well, everyone they don't like, which includes the West, Africans, and all brands of Muslims that don't fit their tiny world-view. So a bombing in India, which to most Americans is a galaxy away seems, like the country, foreign.

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