Korea: what rockets do when you peddle fake viagra

Now if only Kim Jong Il whose underpants are emblazoned with the phrase "Home of the Whopper," would stop peddling fake Viagra maybe his rockets would stay up longer, or at least fours hours (1) according to the warning label. Wait, what am I saying?

Karma explains why Jong Il's rockets don't stay up so long::

Newsmax, 16 Jan 2006, Kim Jong Il Peddling Fake Viagra

viagra fake from north KoreaAuthor Peter Brookes, writing in the New York Post, says that North Korea "has become a gangster nation, pocketing $700 million to $1 billion a year from counterfeiting U.S. greenbacks, trafficking illicit narcotics, smuggling contraband smokes and even peddling knockoff Viagra."

Some businessmen in China also make fake erectile dysfunction pills (2) but the Chinese government can be pretty hard on them for doing so.

However, the fakes may be safer than the real medications since dozens of men have reported going blind taking them (3). This leads me to suspect that certain people I know probably mixed Viagra with Ex-Lax. When both are taken and you are confronted by an extremely beautiful woman you don't know whether to shit or go blind.

A little bit of trivia here: I was almost an original investor with the guy who invented Viagra, unfortunately I backed out because I mistakenly thought he was going to stiff me.

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Don Surber - [defunct blog], "Limbaugh Will Not Be Charged Over Viagra use; however, he did admit he pulled a boner..."



Slate, May 2005, You've Got One of Those Four-Hour Erections ...

At least 38 men who have taken Viagra have gone blind, and the drug's manufacturer said last Thursday that it would consider adding a warning to the label. Drug companies already warn consumers that Viagra and competitors like Levitra and Cialis have several other side effects, like blurred vision, headaches, indigestion, and painful erections that last four hours or more. What do you do with an erection that won't quit?

Call your doctor—and be very, very afraid. Though the makers of erectile dysfunction drugs list prolonged, unwanted erections as a potential side effect, urologists have their doubts. Priapism, a rare condition defined by prolonged erections in the absence of sexual arousal, is associated with certain blood diseases, hypertension, and recreational drug use. No matter what its cause, priapism can be dangerous if left untreated. A man who has a painful erection for more than 12 hours is at high risk for permanent damage.


China Daily, 10 May 2006, Fake Viagra maker given 10-year prison term

HANGZHOU: A man has been given a 10-year prison sentence for producing millions of fake anti-impotence pills.

Wang Weiping was also fined 2 million yuan (US$250,000) in a first ruling on Monday at Shaoxing Intermediate People's Court in East China's Zhejiang Province.

The 34-year-old, a legal worker at Kangdeli Health Care Co Ltd in Xinchang County of the province, was arrested in November last year on suspicion of producing and selling counterfeit drugs.

A total of 381,000 fake Viagra pills and 1.4 million counterfeit Cialis tablets, worth a combined total of 241 million yuan (US$29 million) on the market, were also seized from workshops at Kangdeli Health Care, according to a release from the court.


dailynews central, 28 May 2005, Blindness Warning Added to Impotence Drug Label

Maybe your mother should have warned you about this, too. At least 38 men who have reached for the impotence pill Viagra have gone blind or suffered some vision loss, according to federal regulators and the company that makes the drug, Pfizer Inc.

The US Food and Drug Administration also received four reports of blindness in men who have taken the impotence drug Cialis, and one report of a fellow who used Levitra, FDA spokeswoman Susan Cruzan said.

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