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It was a night dark with crones, cruels, incubi, wraiths and terrors.

How did UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Denice Denton come to be here and where was this place? Squinting through the wisps of fog Denice spied ogres gnarled in the evil knots of lifeless trees staring back at her, waiting. She was deep in a black forest under a black sky. Suddenly an ugly, squishing sound of wheels crunching boggy earth came to her ears. There! Coming at her - Michelle Malkin driving a carriage filled with her blogging horde.

Denice Denton ran for her life. She ran past black-wigged Ifrits scraping the air with their talons, their demon shrieks and howls chasing after her. Just as suddenly she found herself in front of the UC Administration building. She ran inside.

The wind struck Michelle's horses with the odious perfume of Academic Elitists and Traitorous Leftists. They thundered to a halt, refusing to go any further into the stench-filled cloud. Denice was safe. For now.

In the morning Denice Denton woke with a start. Her nightmares were becoming more and more threatening every night just as her daytime life was unraveling. Back at the University she had lost control of the students when they pushed military recruiters off campus. Michelle Malkin asked the blogosphere to contact her in protest.

The Horses Mouth railed that

"[Malkin] instructed her on-line army of pod people to direct their wrath at UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Denise [sic, it's Denice] Denton, even though it wasn't at all clear why she should be held responsible for the protests. Naturally, Malkin posted contact info so the pod people could more easily shriek and howl about what a traitor this Chancellor apparently was."

There were physical threats against her by students, a series of articles examining her management compensation: She was severely raked over for the expensive university-funded renovation on her campus home and how she used her position to give her girlfriend a UC Sopranos-type job doing nothing for $200,000 a year. She was blamed for everything that went wrong at UCSC. She was not really a strong person. No one really knew how depressed she was.

Denice Denton, UC Santa Cruz chancellor, was described as very depressed and had been on medical leave. chronicle file photo 2004 - carlos avila gonzalezDenice Denton was on Medical Leave when she went to the apartment building of her girlfriend, Gretchen Kalonji, on Saturday June 24, 2006.

Sadly, we do not know the details of the final conversation with her partner, the sequence of events, or the demons that filled her head that day. She went to the top of the 42 floor building, looked out at the world and saw no reason to spend another day so sad and so unloved.

SFGate - UC Santa Cruz chancellor dies in suicide plunge, Excerpt:

Denton, 46, died Saturday morning after jumping from the Paramount at Mission and Third streets, police said. The building is advertised as San Francisco's tallest luxury rental apartment building. A guest at the nearby Argent Hotel called authorities at 8:17 a.m. to report a body on the roof of a parking structure below the apartment building, police said. The medical examiner ruled her death a suicide.

David Weigel at Reason would like to lay the suicide on Malkin's blogstep. Excerpt:
While no one is suggesting that her readers pushed Denton over the edge, Malkin has said nothing about the chancellor since her suicide. It might become her to apologize for smearing an academic, and directing people to direct their outrage to her office, in what were the final troubled months of her life.

Michelle responded with NEWSFLASH: I DIDN'T KILL DENICE DENTON, Excerpt:
Weigel attacks me for not saying anything about Denton's suicide. Crikey. If I had said anything, his ilk would have jumped all over me for not having the compassion to keep quiet about her various scandals and corruptocrat ways and let her loved ones mourn in peace.

To which Weigel ping-pong posted back with Suicide: Not Painless, Excerpt:
This time Malkin attacked a woman who was already seriously troubled, and who later killed herself. Some people would put two and two together and feel a twinge of guilt for piling on this woman. Malkin didn't.

That last is quite silly. I suppose we should now put a disclaimer on all our posts:


Please do not take anything I write personally. If you are depressed and on medication avoid reading, listening or watching anything that may make you sad.

Posted text and images are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only, and is not intended to be taken so seriously that you have to kick the bucket, bite the bullet, buy the farm, etc., unless you are a Muslim yearning for Martyrdom, in which case I ask you to jump off any abandoned building in a non-inhabited area. Thank you. Otherwise, this blog shall not be liable for any wrist-slicing, building-jumping, self-immolation, hanging, drowning, or any other act of suicide.

If you decide to leave a suicide note, kindly insert this bit of text: Planck's Constant, although it might have hurt me to the quick with its biting satire and insensitive humor, was not a major factor in my decision to __________________ (Please fill in the appropriate method of ceasing your life).

Planck's Constant shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your failure to do yourself in.

BTW, no one commits suicide because of criticism. The overwhelming cause is untreated medical depression. There are some other reasons for suicide such as brain-washing which explains Palestinian suicide-bombers, but they are not significant in number. Denice Denton's death, though tragic, was not any blogger's fault. As for the title of this post, I hope Michelle takes Cruella de Blog as her Nom de Blog. Her posts, once they are read by leftists, defeatists and our other enemies anywhere will result in nights filled with crones, cruels, incubi, wraiths and terrors. The rest of us can sleep peacefully knowing they do not.

### End of my article ###

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