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Here are Thirteen Photos for this Thursday and some captions I thought appropriate.

I am often asked how I manage to run a business in New York, another in New Jersey, write a blog, work out, hit the speed bag, walk a few miles every day and still have time to hug and kiss my wife. Does this answer your question?


Here's a quick Muslim quiz: One of these females is too drunk to resist sexual advances. Which one do you take advantage of?

drunk girl

drunk camel

virgin infidels in slave market

Achmed's Slave Market has a special this week on Infidel Virgins.


1) When you have to go - when you're on the go.
2) Our delivery boys will never give you any crap.

really really fat woman

1) Cindy Sheehan denies that she has gotten off her fast.
2) Sometimes thongs just won't do the job.
3) Cindy Polelick, takes a lunch break from her job as a phone sex hostess.

bad divorce

Joan left a hint that she knows her husband is cheating on her.

prince moonbat

1) 9/11 was an inside job of the Bush administration
2) It is extremists that have hijacked Islam - the Religion of Peace
3) It is not treason to merely inform the enemy of classified secrets by way of the NY Times

don't drink with friends

Reason number 18 why you should not get drunk with your high school buddies.

fat lady sitting over little dog

Oh -that gas! It feels like I just farted a Chihuahua.

butt head

I don't understand why we have to fight the Muslims. Can't we just negotiate?

iranian coffee vending machine

The Iranian patent on the new automated coffee vending machine was a great success.

fat chat

This photo comes with its own caption.

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