What`s the difference between a liberal and a terrorist?

defeatist, liberals, appeasers, enemies of America

In my last post, Michelle Malkin - Cruella de Blog, I implied that leftists and defeatists were enemies to this great nation of ours.

I am sorry for the implication. I should have stated it clearly: Leftists, defeatists, appeasers, liberals, and all who vote and support them are enemies of the United States. Somebody has to say it.

They are not in the same category as terrorists, however. Terrorists should be shot on the spot. Leftists, on the other hand, should be given a trial first. Defeatists, appeasers, and moderate Muslims all pose a grave threat to our society. Even anti-war activists are enemies as well. Do you know when it is patriotic and acceptable to be anti-war? When we are not fighting one. Otherwise, such actions only have the effect of demoralizing our troops and giving aid and comfort to our enemies. And please, I am not saying you don't have the right to be an idiot or traitor. We are in America. One can certainly legally be a Cindy Sheehan. On the other hand, I also have the right to call her a manipulated fool who is an enemy of this country.

defeatist, liberals, appeasers, enemies of AmericaYou do not shit where you eat. Otherwise you are no better than a zoo animal. Let me explain it to those of you, like the New York Times, that would destroy this nation rather than have George Bush as President. Palestinian terrorists so hate Israel that they willingly sacrifice their children as cannon fodder. Indeed, Golda Meir saw clearly that, "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us."

A reader left a comment recently asking me if I thought most black people to be my enemies?" I thought it was clear that since black voters are their own best enemies, they are also enemies to a civilized society. And Black Muslims are a greater threat than al-Qaeda.

Even though I am an atheist Jew, sadly I count my Jewish brethren who are liberals also as enemies of this country. Despite Jews' consistent sympathy and votes for black causes, blacks are 4 times more anti-Semitic than whites. Funny how all that heart-bleeding for affirmative action and civil rights causes hasn't made blacks feel any gratitude towards Jews.

It was the greatest appeaser and coward Jimmy Carter that made 9/11 possible:

The Iranians were emboldened by a paper tiger that did nothing to rescue American Hostages. Thus the Soviet Union, fearing that a craven American policy of fear would allow the Iranian Revolution to be exported to the rest of the world, especially the Soviet world, invaded Afghanistan.

Did any cowardly appeaser ever wonder why the Soviet Union would spend so much money and men it could ill afford to go into a country that had no mineral or any other value at all? The most bleak, worthless piece of crap earth on the planet and they invaded it!

I'll tell you why: precisely because they saw that the Iranians would spread their Islamic Revolution there next and from there to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and other Soviet Socialist Republics with sizable Muslim populations.

And because of Carter's sheer cowardice and stupidity the US was forced to arm and train Muslim Jihadists to prevent the Soviets from spreading their hegemony into the Middle East. It was those men we were forced to train that planned and executed 9/11.

defeatist, liberals, appeasers, enemies of AmericaYes, leftists, appeasers, defeatists, peaceniks and cowards are enemies of this Republic. Not mortal enemies, but insidious ones nonetheless.

Those blacks and those Jews who blindly vote for Liberals are indeed enemies of this country. It's not pleasant to say. But there you have it. Years ago, this nation could tolerate liberals and we could even laugh at them, after all, they only screwed up the economy and kept blacks in poverty. But now, with our country's very survival at stake, we can no longer abide these kinds of people.

In fact most liberals do not even realize they are a threat to this nation. They are like monkeys armed with an uzi, oblivious to the great danger they pose to themselves and the rest of society. Ask any drunk driver if they are a threat to society and with blithe ignorance they will be insulted with your accusation. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Liberals have so screwed up public education that most blacks will continue to vote for liberal agendas never realizing why they, as a group, are consistently left out of the American mainstream. And most Jews, despite their seeming intelligence will continue to vote for "socially responsible" causes because they "feel guilty" they owe something to those less fortunate than themselves.

As I answered in my comment to that reader:

that "most black people" as well as "most Jews" vote against their best interests from either stupidity or from a misplaced sense of social responsibility. Both groups have voted for and supported liberal agendas that have only served to keep the black race and other minorities in perpetual poverty. Welfare, minimum wage, Unions, no public school vouchers, and even Ebonics or Spanish in schools.

If elections were held in voting booths that stripped out all party affiliations and candidate names and instead held lines such as

1) What's good for black people, for the economy, for world peace

then no Democrat or Liberal would ever be elected.

I suppose I could be politically correct and patronize everyone but that would not only insult blacks and Jews but be a seditious act in this day and age. Being polite when your very existence is at stake is too stupid for me, if you don't mind.

Related: Newt Gingrich, former House speaker (R-GA) and Fox News political analyst: "You would think that the New York Times, located on the same island where the World Trade Center once existed, would have some residual memory of 9-11. You'd think that the New York Times... would have some sense of survival.... [M]y sense is that they hate George W. Bush so much that they would be prepared to cripple America in order to go after the president." [Media Matters - Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, 6/26/06] See video.

Gateway Pundit, Threatening Children is Nothing New for Deranged Leftists

Jeff Goldstein, an exceptional conservative blogger and writer, is currently under attack by unhinged Leftists. This is nothing new for Jeff or for conservative writers, but one particular deranged Leftist psychology professor ramped up the derangement controls and has threatened Jeff and his infant son!

Here's how the left views freedom of expression:

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