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I can't believe I snagged this exclusive interview with Howard Dean to get his views on the federal NSA ruling from that idiot U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor.

Me: So Mr Dean, how does it feel to know that journalists and scholars will be able to communicate without fear of being monitored as well as terrorists planning attacks against our country?

Dean: Oh, ah, oooh, ah, oh, ooooh, ummmmm, oh yeah, yeah, that's it, ohhhh, ooooh, ahhhhh.

Me: Uh, excuse, but shouldn't you be doing that in the privacy of your home?

Dean: What's important here is not so much the First Amendment or the Fourth, but that this defeats one of George Bush's weapons against his war on terror. Ohhh, oh yeah.

Me: But this is not Bush's War. Islam declared war against us. This decision only hurts American interests and aids our enemies.

Dean: Aids our enemies? Ohhh, I wish you hadn't said that... oh, ahhhh, oh yeah.

Me: Would you mind putting a condom on? This is a new shirt I'm wearing. By the way did you know that this action was initiated by Muslim Lawyers who complained that they are not able to freely discuss "things" with foreign nationals because of the NSA? Suppose these "things" are terror attacks? Shouldn't the Judge have considered whether potential terrorists have standing in US Federal Courts?

Dean: Terror attacks? This is just fear mongering. The real problem is Bush's power hunger that threatens our freedoms and will take away all our personal liberties.

Me: But isn't scaring Americans about a loss of freedoms also fear mongering?

Dean: Fear mongering is good as long as it serves some greater purpose.

Me: Like warning the country about the dangers of Islam in order to protect our country?

Dean: Uhhhh...

Me: Well, thank for for speaking with Planck's Constant Mr Dean.

Dean: Do you have a towel?

dress made of condomsA girl looks at a dress made of condoms by Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto August 17, 2006. The 16th International AIDS Conference opened in Toronto Monday. About 24,000 delegates and 3,000 journalists from around the world attended the conference. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

demediacraticnation - If It's Leaked? It's Illegal, Excerpt:
The NY Times is beside itself this morning exalting yesterday's ruling by Judge Anna Diggs Taylor against the NSA "eavesdropping/spying" program.

One need only look at the opening paragraph to realize they haven't been this orgasmic nor wrong, since the bank data revelation.



don surber - Judge shopping 101, Excerpt:

The ACLU went to Detroit to find a Carter-appointed judge to challenge the NSA's authority to monitor al-Qaeda's overseas communications. Judge Anna Diggs Taylor complied.

Which is the greater constitutional threat? Listening in to overseas calls, or judge shopping to run American policy? Her reported remarks were intemperate. I hope the appellate court trounces her and the ACLU.


I knew that this had to be a black woman even before I saw her photo. What is it about black female Federal Judges like Mary Johnson Lowe, another moron appointed to a position way beyond her ability?

NSA judge Anna Diggs Taylorassorted babble - ACLU vs NSA Leftist Judge Rules Unconstitutional, Excerpt: Judge Anna Diggs Taylor was appointed by Jimmy Carter, that should give you a clue to her far left ideology and for this decision. Time for Congress to cut their summer vacation and get Chop Chop!!

stop the aclu - Federal Court Rules Protecting America is Unconstitutional, Excerpt:

The ACLU has convinced a federal judge that monitoring overseas communications of terrorists is against the constitution. Despite the fact the preamble lists defending the nation as an acceptable federal government function, the ACLU and US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor said that the risk "innocent” communications could be intercepted far outweighed the risk of Al Qaeda attacking the United States.

Updates available at Michelle Malkin.

Roundup at The Right Nation

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