Israel Won in Lebanon - Iran Lost

A displaced Lebanese man on his way home to south Lebanon displays a poster of the Hizbullah leader, Hassan Nasrallah. Photograph: Patrick Baz AFP /Getty Images
A displaced Lebanese man on way home to south Lebanon
displays a poster of the Hizbullah leader, Hassan Nasrallah
Photo Credit: Patrick Baz AFP /Getty Images

The blogosphere is lit up with posts that declare "Israel Lost" in Lebanon. That conclusion is reached because:

  1. Israel didn't win
  2. Hezbollah didn't lose
  3. Israel accepted a ceasefire without declawing Hezbollah
  4. Our MSM and the world press were sympathetic to Hezbollah and Lebanon
  5. The myth of Israeli Military Might has been shattered.

All of the above might matter if the enemy was Hezbollah and if the goal was to remove Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon.

But the enemy was and is Iran. And the goal, the real goal, was to remove the threat of devastating missiles against Israel.

I won't even bother linking the few hundred posts pointing out that Iran supplied, trained and funded Hezbollah and encouraged them to poke a stick in Israel's eye to start this war and take attention away from their nuclear intentions. If you want to be in denial about that then there is nothing I can say to open your constipated mind.

Israel is fighting Iran. And in this regard, with thousands upon thousands of Iranian missiles fired into Israeli cities and insignificant number of Jew casualties, then Israel has won.

One of the main reasons the US has not told Iran to stop their nuke program or we will bomb their nuclear facilities was fear of Iranian reprisal by hurling missiles at Israel. But now that we see how ineffective those missiles really are, the fear of Iranian reprisals against Israel has been removed.

Israel can safely do to Iran what they did to Iraq back in 1981.

I also want to comment on the notion that the myth of Israeli Military Might has been shattered. In the 6 Day War and others, Israel was fighting against uniformed armies. In the present conflict they are fighting guerrillas who use civilian houses for cover and fire anti-tank grenades from people's windows. They don’t wear uniforms and scatter among the population to hide. Israel is not fighting a conventional army and should not be using conventional means. That it tries to minimize civilian casualties is a mistake. That it gives a f*ck about world opinion is a mistake. If the enemy is wearing civilian clothes, kill all those wearing that uniform. But be that as it may.

Given the fact that Iran's missiles fired by their proxy army, Hezbollah, failed to devastate Israeli cities, I have concluded that Israel has won.

If the ceasefire holds or doesn't hold doesn't matter. Israel knows, and now Bush knows that it is safe to confront Iran militarily, that they can do little to harm Israel by conventional missiles. Of course, if they are hiding an atomic weapon, then perhaps Israel needs to clean Iran's clock before August 22.

But here's my final proof: a picture is worth a thousand bombs; you tell me who looks like they won and who looks like they lost. The first is a Beirut suburb, the next is Jerusalem (click on image for larger view):

A man stands between destroyed buildings in Beirut's southern suburbs, 31 Jul 2006. Xinhua Photo
A man stands between destroyed buildings
in Beirut's southern suburbs, 31 Jul 2006
Photo Credit: Chinaview

jerusalem during lebanon war
Jerusalem during Lebanon war
Photo Credit: rob's blog

Lisa at liberal common sense displays the usual liberal idiocy and was sucked in by the Palestinian propaganda.

Rob's Blog reminds us that most of Beirut was unharmed.

sfgate - Bush Says Israel Defeated Hezbollah, Excerpt:

President Bush, just hours after a cease-fire took hold Monday, said Hezbollah guerillas had suffered a sound defeat at the hands of Israel in their month long Mideast war.

"There's going to be a new power in the south of Lebanon," Bush said, referring to plans for the Lebanese government, backed by an international force, to reassert control in the area that has been dominated by Hezbollah fighters.

The president also said the war was part of a broader struggle between freedom and terror, and he blamed Iran and Syria for fomenting the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.


conservative cat - [now defunct blog] - Confused Americans for Truth - Peace of a Sort in Lebanon, Excerpt:
The biggest problem, however, is the following paragraph, which Bruce has found verbatim in most news reports of the cease fire.
Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, said his militia would abide by the cease-fire blueprint, but said the guerrillas would keep battling Israeli troops while they remained in Lebanon, calling that "our natural right.”

Guardian - Hizbullah leader claims victory, Excerpt:
The leader of Hizbullah, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, tonight claimed a "strategic and historic victory" over Israel as the first day of a ceasefire in the Middle East crisis brought a seemingly fragile calm following a month of fighting.

"We came out victorious in a war in which big Arab armies were defeated [before]," the cleric said.

Sheik Nasrallah insisted now was not the time to debate the disarmament of his guerrilla fighters, a key Israeli requirement of a sustainable ceasefire.


lebanese airforce - satire

Special to Planck's Constant: The Lebanese Airforce, pictured here, may not be of sufficient strength to rein in Hezbollah terrorists in Southern Lebanon.

big dog's blog - Iran And Syria Had Nothing To Do With War, No Really, Excerpt:

There are those who will buy that statement and who, quite frankly, have. They turn a blind eye to the events that led to the war, which by the way, were all under the "watchful” eyes of the UN. The UN failed to enforce the part of Resolution 1556 that applied to Hezbollah. Once Israel left Lebanon, Kofi Anus allowed Hezbollah to build a formidable force along the border in violation of the Resolution. The UN observers watched as Hezbollah got stronger and, in a show of support, they flew the Hezbollah flag right next to that of the UN.

euphoric reality - Memo: Truce Does Not Equal "Glorious Islamic Victory”, Excerpt:

How did a ceasfire become a victory for Hezbollah - especially when they were getting their asses handed to them on a platter? Everyone knows that under Islamic dogma, a truce is only acceptable if the Muslims are losing. Hezbollah was losing, and they desperately needed a hudna so that they could restock their arsenal, regroup, and reload.

Someone needs to explain to those Islamotards that a truce means "no one wins”. If they need to dance in the streets declaring victory by truce, then they are truly sorry-ass, dipstick warrior-wanna-be’s who couldn’t win a checkers tournament, much less a war.


pursuing holiness - Nice Country You Have There… Hope Nothing Happens To It, Excerpt: This is what a cease-fire, instead of victory, brings - an emboldened enemy. Hizbollah’s head terrorist feels quite free to rebuke and threaten the elected leaders of Lebanon.

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