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three breasted woman

OK, someone Reutered this photo of a beautiful woman with three breasts. But that is not the way Muslims see this photo. A Muslim will look at this woman and say, "Oh Merciful Allah, you have given your poor servant Mujib a woman with three breasts to make up for the loss of his goat, how delightful!"

You can try to point out his mistaken observation but it will do you no good at all. I have left comments on dozens of pro-Hezbollah blogs asking this question: "You allege that Israel is purposely killing civilians. Then how is it that Israeli missiles do not contain ball-bearings, but those of Hezbollah do? Those ball-bearings have no military purpose other than maximizing civilian deaths."

Not one site allows my comments to appear nor do they ever attempt to answer the question.

In the few years after Israel became a state Arab governments kicked out almost a million Jews from their homes. Do you hear any liberals crying about these dispossessed Jews? No. And I'll tell you why not. Because Israel, despite being a poor country and limited resources, took them in. An almost equal number of Arabs left Israel, not through force, but because of false rumors spread by Arab radio that they would be killed. These Arabs were never taken in and absorbed in other Arab lands, but became "Palestinian" refugees, where they remain so 5 decades later. And whose fault is that?

But what about the Arabs who stayed in Israel and ignored the false warnings? They became Israeli citizens and live better than any Arab in any Arab land. [Except for ruling families].

But wait Bernie, you ask, what makes you think these Arabs enjoy living under Israeli rule? Well, it so happens that a few years ago, when it looked like the Palestinians were ready to get their own state (before Arafat blew the deal), Israeli Arabs polled that they would prefer to remain Israeli citizens rather than citizens of a new Palestine (1).

So please, liberal person, spare me the nonsense that Israelis treat Arabs badly. Whatever propaganda film you see is the result of Arafat refusing Israel's offer of a state and Israel's reactions to being constantly attacked. Take out your hankies for some other group. Palestinians could have had their own state, could have had friendly relations with an economic powerhouse in the middle east and could have lived happy, prosperous lives. Could have, but for Arafat; but for Hamas, al-Fatah and the other terror groups. Cry for someone else.

reutered fake photo of lebanese death

You can bet your bottom dinar that this photo has made the Arabian rounds without any mention of its Reutering to illustrate the Israeli brutality and their new weapon that kills you so well that you are dead clean despite your surroundings.


big breasted wonderbra

With a hat tip to The Coalition of the Swilling, I present the ABC News report on a ban on wearing gel bras on airlines:

ABC News The Blotter, Authorities Warning Women Not to Wear Gel Bras As Worries of Possible Female Bombers Increase

U.S. authorities are advising women not to wear gel bras on airplanes as information developed in the foiled London plot points to an expanding role for women in smuggling explosives on to an aircraft.
The use of female suicide bombers has been successful in previous airplane attacks.

When two airplanes went down within minutes of each other in Russia in 2004, officials immediately suspected a terrorist connection. It was later learned that the two suicide bombers were Chechen women. They had both been detained in the airport before boarding their flights but managed to convince airline officials using a little cash and charm to let them on board. Ninety people were killed.

I guess that means no milkshakes on a plane.

NZ Herald News, Breast implants save Israeli's life in rocket attack

JERUSALEM - An Israeli woman's breast implants saved her life when she was wounded in a Hizbollah rocket attack during Israel's war with the Lebanese group, a hospital spokesman said yesterday.

Doctors found shrapnel embedded in the silicone implants, just inches from the 24-year-old's heart.

"She was saved from death," said a spokesman for Nahariya Hospital in northern Israel. The woman has been released from hospital.



Smooth Stone Blog, Poll: Israeli Arabs prefer remaining Israeli citizens over PA citizenship

Question: There has been a lot of talk lately about the formation of a new Palestinian State. It has been suggested by some that Israeli Arabs could continue to live in Israel, but change their citizenship to the new Palestinian State. Given the choice, and continuing to live where you presently live today, would you prefer to be a citizen of Israel or of a new Palestinian State?

Remain Israeli citizens 62%
Join a future Palestinian State 14%
No opinion or refused to answer 24%

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