Osama Bin Laden`s Thursday 13

A recently unearthed To-DO list belonging to Osama Bin Laden shows that the terror leader is a hands on, detail-minded administrator. Nothing is too small for his attention. I have culled the top 13 things on his to-do list. Enjoy:

1. Cancel Photoshop classes for Mujib, Hassan and Abu.

this woman is the unluckiest multiple home owner in Beirut
Photo Credit: FreedomZone

2. Have Hassan give Fatima 40 lashes then send her a burqa and tell the bitch to keep her face covered, for Allah's sake!

3. Tell BBC editors I approve their use of word EXTREMISTS as a substitute for ISLAMIC FASCISTS. Send a generous check. We have no greater friend than the infidel dogs at the BBC.

4. Tell Hassan to burn photos of Cindy Sheehan as they come in the mail. Why does that infidel whore keep sending me despicable images of herself?

5. Send anthrax to infidel-at-plancksconstant.org

no dust on dead man - fraud ny times

6. Send 100 pounds of cave dirt to the New York Times with instructions to be more careful. Even Mujib, who is only a little smarter than the goat, noticed the supposed "dead man" was as clean as an Oasis flower.

7. Get Hassan to print out a copy of the Zionist Babes of the IDF. Mujib's goat not so pretty to the eye from behind. The words of the prophet (peace be upon him) are true: little is the comfort of this life, as compared with the hereafter.

MSM stupid cream - rub on to become a liberal idiot

8. Send two more cases of MSM Cream to the infidel idiots at Daily KOS. They are almost out. Allah forbid they ever become smart and find out they are playing into our hands.

9. Have Hassan whip himself 40 times for forgetting to send campaign moneys for the re-election of the infidel whore Cynthia McKinney. She hates the Zionist pigs even more than my own relatives and so it is with a heavy heart that I see her depart from the political scene. Very sad.

10. Ahhh, Allah giveth and Allah taketh away, Praise be to Allah: Ned Lamont has promised to deprive the Great Satan of funds to continue in Iraq. Send a check.

11. Send money to buy more ice for Hezbollah's refrigerated trucks. Suggest to Nasrallah that they consider using foodsaver storage bags when they recycle the Qana babies for the next Zionist massacre.

osama bin laden high school photo
Osama bin Laden high school photo
Photo Credit: Strange Politics

12. Buy a frame for my high school photo.

13. Order more checks.

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