Three Threats to Modern Civilization

A liberal would look at the photo* below and say "this man looks like he's being treated professionally and will probably survive".

KKK in black operating room

A realist will look at this same scene and say, "I don't think he's going to make it".

There are three threats to modern civilization:

  1. Islamic Fascists (1).

  2. Moderate Muslims. Because they insidiously infest countries and turn cities into Islamic enclaves with sharia law until the host country can longer control or enter those cities.

  3. Liberal useful idiots who do not recognize either threats 1 or 2.

There is no need to elaborate; either you recognize that we are entering WWIII or you can bury your head in Arabian sand [which I am told is very, very fine and unsuitable for construction so that the Saudis have to import sand!]

* Yes, photo is reutered but that is beside the point.

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the Reasons Liberal Democrats Have A Love Affair With Islam

The followers of the cartoon like prophet, Mohammad hate George Bush, Jews, and America more then they love their own children.

Liberal Democrats hate George Bush, Israel, and America more then they love their own children.

The followers of Islam use innocent women and children as "Human Shields" to hide behind while shooting at American Soldiers and Israeli soldiers.

Liberal Democrats use widows and veterans to hide behind so as to not have to debate the issues in an open forum.



Treppenwitz, It's Islam, stupid

Since Islam was invented (yes, you read that correctly) it has been the cause of countless wars, conquests and overt attempts to dominate the known world. Throughout its history, Islamic leaders have made absolutely no secret of their intentions to carry out Allah's global ambitions. And in every generation since, the non-Muslims of the world have said to themselves (as we are again saying to ourselves today), that they don't really mean it... that this is just the way those people talk and it is a cultural thing for which we need to make allowances.

I honestly don't understand this willful blindness.

Listen up people... they mean it! Really!!! When people in charge of nearly limitless resources and vast armies stand up and state quite openly that they intend to wipe a country off the map, they mean it! When these leaders state their intention to return to the lines of demarcation (and beyond) where previous Muslim invasions/conquests faltered in Europe... they mean it.

When they tell us in the most unambiguous, straightforward language that they won't stop until they have conquered the world... THEY REALLY MEAN IT!

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