Pluto - the Ninth Rock from the Sun

planets in solar system - not to scale
Planets in solar system - not to scale
Photo Credit: BBC

I wrote about Pluto back in May when it was still a planet. The subject was the New Horizons spacecraft, the first mission to the last planet, the initial reconnaissance of Pluto-Charon and the Kuiper Belt, and exploring the mysterious worlds at the edge of our solar system. Click here to track the New Horizons spacecraft on its journey to Pluto and beyond!

Sadly, the ashes from the cremated remains of Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered the outermost planet in 1930 are on board that spacecraft and it would be a shame for it to arrive at a dwarf-designated Pluto.

There is a tumult in the scientific field where some have leveled the charge that the Pluto vote was 'hijacked'.

I hear that the mostly black dwarf planet '2003 UB313' will be renamed 'UBdwarf nigga' by the Spike Lee School of Astronomy.

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Pluto mission - New HorizonsFor the video of the Horizons liftoff click Here:

I suspect that horoscopes may have to change only in their appellation of Pluto as a planet. One's destiny should not be any different simply because of naming conventions. Whatever mass and trajectory Pluto had before it still has.

However this does not explain the fact that last week my horoscope said, "Because Pluto is in conjunction with Mercury, you will meet a tall, leggy Blond who will favor you with her charms." And today I went back to the very same horoscope only to read, "Because Pluto is in conjunction with Mercury, you will meet a dark-haired gypsy dwarf who will favor you with her charms." Whaaaa!?

For an excellent roundup of stories from the blogosphere about Pluto please go to the Bloggers Blog.

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