Persian Pastries and Iranian Roses of Mohammed

Persian Pastry
Persian Pastry
Photo Credit: Persian Mirror

Over a hundred years ago, during the Qajar Era (1794 to 1925), Western science, technology, and educational methods were introduced into Iran and the country's modernization was begun. This was also the time of the great flowering of Persian Pastries.

Back in 1965 I lived with a Persian-Jewish family for two years in Jerusalem. The family had walked from Persia to Israel in the 1920s losing about 6 children on the multi-year journey. The mother baked Persian sweets such as baklava, almond halva (with crushed almonds, sugar, ground sesame seeds), sugar coated almonds "Noghl", and flour cookies made from chickpea, almonds, or rice-flours.

We now fast forward to the Danish Cartoon riots. One of the responses by Iran was to change the name of the very popular "Danish" to "Rose of Mohammed".

Persian Pastries
Persian Pastries
Photo Credit: Nemooneh Bakery

Malnurtured Snay, Roses of the Prophet Muhammad

TEHRAN, Iran - Not content with pelting European embassies with Molotov cocktails to protest against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, Iranians have decided to rename the "Danish pastries” relished by this nation of cake lovers.

From now on, the sweet, flaky pastries which dominate the shelves in Iran’s cake shops will be known as "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad," the official IRNA news agency reported as pressure on Denmark over the cartoons took on a new dimension.

Trouble of course is that no one will ever be able to complain if the pastry doesn't taste good. I believe it is certain death to utter the phrase "this Mohammed tastes like camel crap!" Qur'an: Sura: 98.6

Of course this doesn't mean that Palestinian suicide bombers won't have fun with the new pastry: "If I eat one more Mohammed - I'll explode!"

Hey, am I crazy or does this "Mohammed" danish look just like that Mohammed on the right, peace be upon him?

apple raisin danish and mohammed

My own feelings are that this was a flaky religion to begin with.

Read other bloggers on Danish Pastry:

GOP and the City, The War on Pastries

Call me an infidel, but I think they should spend more time in schools learning how to properly construct a sentence, rather than coming up with Islam-themed baked goods.


Why is it that they get their shorts in a knot over Muhammed cartoons, but have no qualms about eating him as a pastry?

California Conservative, Fresh Baked in Iran: “Rose of the Prophet Muhammad”

Call the pastry whatever you want, and nobody gets hurt. No need for violence. Put down the nuke, and walk away.

For a history of the Danish read Woman Honor Thyself - HungrY for a DanisH Perhaps?

Here are a few suggestions of other desserts Iran can rename as well:
Death by Chocolate -> Death by Choking
Apple Crunch Pie -> Adam's Apple Crunch Windpipe
Chocolate Chip Squares -> Sheep Dip Squares
Girl Scout Cookies -> Infidel Teen-Whore wafers
Rugelach Kosher Cookies -> Oven-Baked Jewsies

I know some of my readers when they saw the title caption with "Persian Pastries" were expecting to gaze upon some beauties from Iran. Well as a fillip to those readers here is at least one female pastry:

danish pastries better than islamic bombs

Click here for an unreutered view of this photo.

Of course, other Muslims do not want to be left out:

taliban bakery hot cross buns
Photo Credit: Theodore's World

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