Britney Spears and that Snake

britney spears - yellow snake
Photo Credit: Seattlest

I am not interested in their divorce. I started writing this post about a yellow snake. Oh, you thought the title referred to Kevin Federline? No.

Actually, I was looking for the Forum for Science and Ethics Policy in Seattle on a talk by Dr. Dennis Schatz on the topic of "Making Science as Pervasive as Sports in Society.” When BOOM I see this photo of Britney Spears and a Yellow Snake. I don't follow Britney that closely (and not because I worry about my woodie bumping into her), and did not know the yellow snake photo is quite well known among her fans.

I said to myself "That snake looks familiar." So I go back to a previous post on Devon Aoki and sure enough it's the same snake; a little larger and older in the Aoki shoot but the same yellow python.

But since the snake title probably brought some of you here to read something about their divorce, here is a pdf of the petition for divorce. Never say I fail to satisfy my readers even if they get here on false pretenses.

Here's a photo of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline in better days wondering if their baby can float in the ocean:

britney spears - kevin federline by ocean

Here's the happy couple oblivious to the fact that baby has floated away:

britney spears - kevin federline by ocean

One may wonder why rich celebrity women pick such losers for their mates. I can only guess it's because they feel some psychological need to be punished in return for all the great fortune visited upon them by being celebrities. "I am so lucky, wealthy, famous, beautiful, talented - let me pick some idiot loser to marry and balance the universe."

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