Fewer Illegals near Canadian Border

I received this interesting factoid in an email this morning: 90% of the illegal Mexican Immigrant population is in California, Texas, Florida, and other Southern States. (1) I wondered why there were so few illegals in our northernmost states. After a little careful research it became obvious that the Upstate NY Border Patrol was a significant barrier to illegals entering. Here is a recent photo of a group of Border Control Agents:

Montana border patrol


(1): The 90% is a slight exaggeration:

Wikipedia, Illegal immigration to the United States - Breakdown by state

Breakdown by state

As of 2006, the following data table shows a spread of distribution of locations where illegal immigrants reside by state.

State of Residence of the Illegal Alien Population: January 2000 and 2006
State of residenceEst. population% of total% changeAver. annual change
All states11,555,00010037515,000
New York540,0005--
New Jersey430,00042313,333
North Carolina370,00034218,333
Other states2,950,0002669200,000

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