If Hitler ran as a Democrat Jews would vote for him

Ellison urged an immediate pullout of US troops from Iraq
Minnesota voters send first Muslim to Capitol Hill

Many blogs already reported that Keith Ellison had the support of the thousands of Somalis living in Minneapolis. These are the same bastards who refuse to carry passengers in their cabs if they suspect alcohol in the luggage. But did you know that this terrorist-in-disguise was supported by Jews? Specifically the Twin Cities newspaper, the American Jewish World. Jews even voted against a fellow Jew, Republican Alan Fine. Mr Ellison was also supported by the National Jewish Democratic Council.

In my previous post Useful Idiots and the Elections of 2006 I pointed out how Jews were falling all over themselves to vote for a party that was opposed to sending aid Israel.

There are two kinds of self-loathing Jews that would vote for a man supported by Somali anti-Semites:
1) Those who hope that by appeasement they won't be beaten too severely: "Oh please don't hurt me Mussilman, I voted for a Muslim in the last election, oh dear!"
2) Those who hope that someone evil will be in power so that they'll be beaten severely and can then whine about how persecuted they are.

I have no doubt that if Hitler ran on his national socialist platform today for the Democratic-farmer-laborer Party he would get more than 87% of the Jewish vote.

Some of you may think I'm being a little harsh on Imam Congressman Ellison just because he's a Muslim. No, it is because he's a black Muslim and as I've reported before: Black Muslims are a greater threat than al-Qaeda. How else to explain that he's even a worse defeatist coward than Murtha: Ellison wants an immediate pullout of US troops from Iraq. Immediate, regardless of the consequences.

Hamas Green FlagBy the way, am I the only one to notice that the banner being held by Muslim supporters is somewhat similar to the flag of Hamas? Perhaps the local Muslim supporters of terrorist organizations have a surfeit of that paint color. Maybe it's an inside joke among Jihadists: "You just voted for a terrorist you idiot Americans - you don't even know about world Geography."

Is there anything more pathetic than self-loathing Jews? Look at the Jewish-owned New York Times: they fabricate lies about Israel, reuter photos to make Hezbollah look good, and even reveal secrets that will enable the takeover of this country by the most anti-Jewish religion ever created.

My wife said she doesn't understand how Jews could be such idiots to vote for a party whose election is now being celebrated throughout the Muslim world. I answered, "because you're not a battered wife." Battered women consistently choose men who beat them, degrade them, and who have nothing but loathing for them. Police ask if they want to press charges and they refuse, "He's really a good husband, you just don't know him - he's not always violent - he doesn't really hate me." Pitiable. "Islam is really a tolerant religion - you just don't know Islam - Muslims are not all violent - they don't really hate Jews." Pitiable.

Let me end this with the frightening words of one of Mr Ellison's Muslim supporters - one of five million Muslims living in the US: (from BBC News):

"You don't know how much this will be a turnover for the Muslim community that live in the United States in their involvement in the political life," he told the BBC.

"I don't want to be very much optimistic, but at least I can see that my son one day might be the president of the United States."

Being a Muslim he couldn't say "son or daughter" but let me translate this into plain text: "I don't want to be very much optimistic, but at least I can see that my son one day might be the Caliph of the United States."

Be afraid - be very afraid.

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