Michael Richards apologizes for Hurtful Words - Again

Michael Richards' recent racial outburst was not the first time he had to apologize for his insulting behavior. I'm sure his apology on network TV sounded familiar to Seinfeld aficionados, if not, perhaps this YouTube video will refresh.

Kramer apologizes to chimpanzeeKramer: Anyway, I um, I just want to say that I'm sorry. I lost my temper and I probably shouldn't have. I took it out on you and, look, if I've caused you any problems as a result of my behavior, well then, I'm sorry. I apologize......... Even though, Barry, between me and you, we both know that you started it. I mean, who's kidding who? But they tell me that you're very upset, and god forbid I should disturb the very important monkey, I'm just hoping we can put this behind us, let's just move on with our lives, ok? So no hard feelings?

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