13 Stupid, Annoying Things

Actually there are more than 1300 hundred things that annoy me, so I will have to dole them out 13 at a time.

Here are 13 stupid things that annoy me:

sco unix1) Stupid Companies that don't give you a link where to buy their products. Here is SCO, the number one provider of UNIX® on Intel® platforms. Take a look at their site and tell me how one can buy their product?

2) Stupid companies that don't list their prices on their site. Take a look at OutlookSoft and see if you can get any idea whether this software costs a thousand bucks, a hundred-thousand or a million dollars. How about just giving me some kind of hint you retards!

3) Stupid companies that offer free blogging platforms that encourage criminals to open up thousands of splogs all with the same, worthless content clogging up search results, fouling comments and choking trackbacks on my blog. There's no shortage of sites with completely worthless content whose only purpose is ad-click revenues. There are some ways to flag blogspot splogs, but other platforms don't seem to care about splogs.

4) Adults who buy cigarettes for youngsters. When police see a 14 year old smoking why don't they ask them who bought the smokes for them? Prosecute the adults and kids won't have anything to smoke.

5) Morons who say, "You have no right to yell fire in a movie theater." Oh, yeah? What are you supposed to yell when the theater's on fire, "IT'S VERY HOT!"?

do not start crossing sign

6) Idiots who see the DON'T START CROSSING SIGN but step into the street in front of your car anyway. And worse, they slowly mosey across. My advice if the light turns against you as you're crossing? Run you moron, run.

7) Cops who ask you if you know why they pulled you over. Why, don't they know? I like to give this reply, "Uh, the dead body in my trunk is leaving a trail of blood?"

8) idiots, and let's be bluntly honest here, they're usually immigrants or blacks, who talk loudly while watching a film. That's right, you selfish, rude sons of bitches, I paid nine bucks just so I could listen to you explain the movie to me.

9) Businesses that do not accept credit cards. Why stop there? Why not put up a sign "We do not Accept $5 bills"? What, too much work for you? Perhaps you should have gotten into a business that does not require you to deal with customers.

10) Stupid restaurant owners who hire waiters that no one can understand. I loathe listening to waiters who rattle off today's specials in a heavy Bangladeshi accent.

what time is it gesture11) Idiots who point at their wrist while asking for the time. Do I point at my penis when I need the men's room? Either point or ask - don't do both.

12) Morons who still use checks to pay for their groceries. Get a debit card and swipe. It's faster and safer. Anyone can steal your checks. At least your debit card uses a pin. But caution, don't buy prepaid debit cards that have exorbitant service fees.

13) Britney Spears types who marry the first idiot lead guitar from Guns and Hoes. With all the money these women make they could afford to date or marry someone whose gene pool carries DNA with an IQ over 90.

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