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It was easy to see why Republicans lost this year. As voters went to the booths Tuesday they were faced with the following 13 horrible facts:

  1. There have been no terrorist attacks on American soil since 9/11.

  2. The Stock Market - The DOW hit the highest it has ever been in history.

  3. Iraq actually has good news: Iraqi security forces continue to develop into a capable force and continue to take the lead.

  4. Jobs. Non-farm payroll employment grew by 92,000 in October continuing a trend of constant job growth.

  5. Low unemployment. The unemployment rate declined to 4.4 percent - the lowest in decades.

  6. More spending money. Over the year, average hourly earnings increased by 3.9 percent and average weekly earnings increased by 4.2 percent.

  7. Lower taxes. The Tax Burden on households went up by 20% under Clinton and were significantly reduced under Bush.

  8. More Revenues. Because of Bush's heavy tax cuts we now have the highest level of Federal tax receipts in history..

  9. The greatest economy in centuries.

    Michael Frisby stands outside the door to his 11,000-square-foot home in Fulton, Md.

  10. More home ownership ever, ever, ever in American History. And those homes are more than double the size of homes your parents lived in.

  11. Low Inflation. Despite record energy prices, core inflation has stayed a steady 2% for the past 6 years [However since Obama, the true inflation rate has been hidden].

  12. Low Crime. Every single category of crime has seen continuous declines year after year.

  13. More markets have been opened to keep America competitive and our economy booming.

It's not hard to see why Americans were heavily dissatisfied. In my previous post I asked the question why do successful, wealthy, lucky celebrity women choose idiot losers for a mate? Well, it seems lucky, successful, wealthy Americans can't stand to have things too good - they just have to screw it up by electing idiot losers to govern them.

Hopefully the Dems only screw up national security a tiny bit and just a small part of Baltimore gets an Islamic dirty bomb. Nothing too big - enough to convince voters they made a big mistake. What maroons!

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Pelosy will defend the nation by setting the agenda and then blame; Guess who?

7:00 P.M. Opening flag burning.
7:15 P.M. Pledge of allegiance to U.N.
7:30 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
7:35 P.M. Nonreligious prayer and worship / Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton
8:00 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
8:05 P.M. Ceremonial tree hugging.
8:15 P.M. Gay Wedding — Barney Frank Presiding.
8:30 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
8:35 P.M. Free Saddam Rally. Cindy Sheehan - Susan Sarandon
9:00 P.M. Keynote speech: The proper etiquette for surrender French President Jacques Chirac [why not James Baker? - ed.]
9:15 P.M. Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.

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