Bush Was Right - we`ll have to fight them here

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Liberal Idiots have been disputing President Bush's often repeated assertion that "we fight them there so we don't have to fight them here" as fear-mongering and that the fighting in Iraq is nothing more than native Iraqis fighting for power and turf.

But Muslim terrorists have exactly that very thing planned the moment we leave Iraq in defeat according to senior terrorist leaders interviewed by WND (1).

So, we are promised that if we turn tail and run from Iraq then those idle hands now flying to fight in Iraq will have no place to keep themselves busy and will turn their attention first to defeating Israel and then the US.

Seems Bush was right all along.

Other bloggers weighing in:

Political dishonesty - [defunct blog], DO NOT Let the Iraq Study Group's Report Fool You!

Am I the only person who sees how the Iraq Study Forfeit Group has to constantly slap you in the face with the term "bi-partisan” to make you believe their hype? Most of us knew what the report was going to say the minute the group was formed and the group knew what they were going to say before they did any research.

The report is sad, mostly because it is agenda-driven rather than reality-driven. In fact, I’m surprised these throwbacks didn’t issue a Fatwa against President Bush.

Let’s start at square one, congressional appropriations. This "study group” received 1.3 million dollars from Congress. They took one trip to Iraq and didn’t even leave the green zone. Given the fact that a trip to Iraq doesn’t cost 1.3 million dollars, that’s a whole lot of library cards. I think we should form a study group on the Iraq Study Group to figure out where the hell our tax dollars went.

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The Constitutional Matters Project, 22 Sep 2006,
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We Fight Them Over There So We Don't Have To Fight Them Over Here?

Something like 15,000 students from Saudi Arabia are enrolling on college campuses nationwide under a new educational exchange program that "will quintuple the number of Saudi students and scholars in the United States by the academic year's end, reports The Associated Press. "And big, public universities from Florida to Oregon are in a fierce competition for their tuition dollars."

Naturally, institutions of higher learning in this country care a lot about tuition dollars, and not so much about the safety of their student body. Any one of these Saudis could be the next Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, the Iranian who deliberately plowed his SUV into a group of students at his alma mater, University of North Carolina, to "avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world."

Jihadi Du Jour - Terrorists rejoicing over new Baker report, Excerpt: ... Islam is the "new giant of the world."... There is nothing new about this giant...It has always been a giant boil on the face of the earth. And the American left has been part of the latest infection.

stop the aclu, Excerpt: I think in the end, no matter what direction we take, it will be blamed on Bush. If he gives in to the recommendations of "mitigating defeat” he will deserve the blame.

Hot Air, Excerpt: I leave you with this, from the executive summary. We need to solve the Israel-Palestinian issue. And we also need to engage in dialogue with Iran, which is committed to the destruction of Israel. Mazel tov.

point five blog - [defunct blog] - In Which My 6th Grade Principal Mr. Glassell Confronts The Iraq Study Group, Excerpt: Did any of you even crack open the material Mrs. Steidinger assigned? Do you have any idea who runs Iran and Syria, and what "right of return” implies?

Townhall - Al Qaeda will portray any failure by the United States in Iraq as a significant victory that will be featured prominently as they recruit for their cause in the region and around the world. Ayman al-Zawahiri, deputy to Osama bin Laden, has declared Iraq a focus for al Qaeda: they will seek to expel the Americans and then spread "the jihad wave to the secular countries neighboring Iraq.” A senior European official told us that failure in Iraq could incite terrorist attacks within his country.

the scottish right - [defunct blog] - The Iraq Defeat And Retreat Commission, Excerpt: So what would Baker and Hamilton have us do? Strike a bargain with the Iranians and Syrians that allows the former to have nuclear weapons and the latter a free hand in Lebanon? As if that's going to stabilize the region? No thanks! Now that we've heard from the pessimists, let's get back to finding ways to actually win the war.

surrender of franceblue crab boulevard - Preliminary Analysis, Excerpt: There are a lot of people combing through that report right now trying to read the tea leaves. But it does not look at all promising at the moment. Coupled with rumors floating around that Baker wants Israel excluded from any regional conference, this "plan" may be more of a disaster than it looks already.

Outside the beltway has a conference call with two Iraq Study Group principals, former Senator Alan Simpson (R, WY) and Clinton SECDEF William "Not the Refrigerator” Perry.

Don Surber - Iraq Study Group: We cannot win, Excerpt: As to this report, I say it is spinach and to hell with it. Make adjustments. Stay the course. And be polite to those who say we cannot win.

Right Wing Guy - [defunct blog] - Excerpt: It seems I was correct in my thinking that the Iraq Study Group would call for a retreat, they have done so, but they are trying to use slick words to cover up their true meaning and pull the blind over the eyes of the American people.



WND'S JERUSALEM BUREAU, 6 Dec 2006, Terrorists rejoicing over new Iraq 'plan'

Reaction to Study Group: 'Allah and his angels' responsible, 'era of Islam and of jihad' declared

A high level U.S. commission's recommendations for an eventual withdrawal from Iraq and for dialogue with Iran and Syria proves "Islamic resistance" works and America can ultimately be defeated, according to senior terrorist leaders interviewed by WND.

The militants, from the largest Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, welcomed the policies outlined by the Iraq Study Group, which they claim recognizes Islam is the "new giant of the world."
"The report proves that this is the era of Islam and of jihad," said Abu Ayman, a senior leader of Islamic Jihad in the northern West Bank town of Jenin.


"[With the Iraq Study Group report], the Americans came to the conclusion that Islam is the new giant of the world and it would be clever to reduce hostilities with this giant. In the Qur'an the principle of the rotation is clear and according to this principle the end of the Americans and of all non-believers is getting closer," Abu Ayman said.

According to Abu Abdullah, a senior leader of Hamas' so-called military wing, Baker's report is a victory for Islam brought about by "Allah and his angels."

"It is not just a simple victory. It is a great one. The big superpower of the world is defeated by a small group of mujahedeen (fighters). Did you see the mujahedeens' clothes and weapons in comparison with the huge individual military arsenal and supply that was carrying every American soldier?" exclaimed Abu Abdullah, who is considered one of the most important operational members of Hamas' Izzedine al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades, Hamas' declared "resistance" department.

"It is with no doubt that Allah and his angles were fighting with them (insurgents) against the Americans. It is a sign to all those who keep saying that America, Israel and the West in general cannot be defeated on the ground so let us negotiate with them," Abu Abdullah said.

Abu Abdullah said following a withdrawal from Iraq, the U.S. will be defeated on its own soil.
"The Iraqi victory is a great message and lesson to the revolutionary and freedom movements in the world. Just to think that this resistance is led by hundreds of Sunni fighters who defeated hundreds of thousands of Americans, British and thousands of soldiers who belong to the puppet regime in Baghdad. What would be the situation if the Shiites will decide to join the resistance?" commented Abu Nasser.

The Al Aqsa leader said his group learned from the "Iraqi resistance" that jihad will ultimately destroy Israel.
Islamic Jihad's Abu Ayman said after the U.S. "defeat" in Iraq is finalized, insurgents there should move to the West Bank and Gaza to help destroy Israel.

"We hope that after chasing the occupation from Iraq, these jihad efforts and experiences will be transferred to Palestine, and yes, I mean that we expect these fighters will come to Palestine as part of a big Islamic army."

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