Iran Proves Holocaust just a Hoax

The Jewish Festival of Lights just ended a few days ago and I left out one photo for my post Chanukah 2006 - The Carnival of Lights.

Jews will immediately recognize these to be ordinary Chanuka Bears. When Jews are not being apes and pigs they need to hibernate for a long time and so they turn into these lovable creatures. These Bears are in fact the answer to a question the BBC recently posed: Why are Jews at the 'Holocaust denial' conference?

Millions throughout the world were shocked to see these Orthodox Jews at the controversial Tehran debate.

Why are Jews attending a conference on the Holocaust in Tehran at which star guests include deniers of the genocide? Clue: they also want an end to the Israeli state.

Where did they come from and why did Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad embrace these filthy Jews?

The answer is quite simple. These Jews were recently excavated at a former concentration camp in Poland and brought to Tehran to prove that six million Jews did not perish during the Nazi regime. Most simply hibernated. That's right! As the following exclusive Iranian photo shows these Jews were not killed at all but were simply buried during their normal Chanukah Bear hibernation period.

Jews Protest at French Hill
Photo Credit: JerusalemNet

After the fall of Communism, Poland has been on a construction binge and has recently begun wide scale redevelopment at former concentration camps. During one such redevelopment Polish bulldozer operators scooped out a bunch of Jews who promptly dusted themselves off and said, "Zo ver is the nearest place ve can nosh?"

Ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein yawns while listening to the prosecution during the 'Anfal' genocide trial in Baghdad December 18, 2006. Prosecutors who accuse Saddam of genocide by ordering chemical attacks on Kurds produced documentary evidence at his trial on Monday in a new phase crucial to pinning down his personal responsibility.Iranian engineers have done some computations and have determined that their original estimate that only a few hundred thousand Jews died was indeed accurate. Poland now refuses to continue redevelopment at any of its former camps for fear of digging up 5 million Orthodox Jews. "That would be like inviting the entire State of Israel to emigrate to Poland."

When Saddam Hussein was notified that it now seems Hitler destroyed less than a million Jews, he was heard to remark, "Yawn... By the Sword of Mohammed's Justice, I have killed, maimed, and raped more than that just of my own people. Imagine what I could have done with Jews!"


wake up america, How Much do YOU know about the Holocaust?

There is no subject that makes my head want to explode as badly as those that deny the Holocaust happened. With over 50 Million documents just released from Hitlers secret archives, there can be no denying the events of the Holocaust. Even before this release of documents, there was plenty of documentation.

The storerooms are immense: 16 miles of shelves holding the stories of 17 million victims – not only Jews, but slave laborers, political prisoners and homosexuals. To open the files is to see the Holocaust staring back like it was yesterday: strange pink Gestapo arrest warrants as lethal as a death sentence, jewelry lost as freedom ended at the gates of an extermination camp. Time stopped here in 1945.

Jihadi Du Jour - The Holocaust Denier's Ball, Excerpt: How grateful the president must have been that a handful of ultra-orthodox Jews were present in the conference hall in Teheran. He did not notice, however, that it was precisely these participants who exposed the dismal strategy of the conference organizers. They did not deny the Holocaust, but they did stress that they reject Israel as a nation. Orthodox Jews believe that the Jewish State may only evolve following the coming of the Messiah.

bRight&Early's video of the conference set to Steve Miller's "The Joker."

Public Eye - [defunct blog] Hitler Disavows Holocaust Conference, Excerpt: "He said we didn’t use gas chambers? How crazy is that? Of course we gassed the Jews,” Hitler told reporters. "And I, for one, am not going to sit idly by while credit for our work is bashed.”

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