Oil and Islam don`t mix

Barbary Coast Pirate
Barbary Coast Pirate
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For the past few hundred years, Muslims have been minor annoyances, usually as pirates on the Barbary Coast or as slave-dealers in Africa. But the last 50 years have given Arab countries so much money that the only way they know how to spend it is to spread Islamic terror.

Without oil money these sand fleas would have remained poor and ignorant dregs of humanity of little consequence and with no valuable contribution to modern civilization. Now that Arabia has our oil money they have turned into rich and ignorant dregs of humanity of violent consequence and still with no valuable contribution to modern civilization.

But wouldn't the same thing happen with extreme, religious Jews if they got tons of money? Absolutely not. Although religious Jews also start schools or Yeshivas, the students are never taught that the gentiles should be converted to Judaism or that the entire world should become Judaic. If anything, Judaism does not want people to become Jews. "Leave us alone" is the operative phrase. You will never see a Jew asking a Christian if he has accepted Moses as his personal saviour or see a Jew forcing a Muslim to convert under threat of force.

So if Israel were to have all the oil instead of Muslims, the world would not only be safer but the money would be used for the betterment of mankind. One only has to see that the tiny State of Israel with a pinky-nail of the world's population and a sliver of the moneys that Arabs get from oil, has contributed more technological advances and garnered more patents, inventions, discoveries and scientific advances than the entire Muslim world COMBINED. That is so absurdly true I have to say it twice: The entire Muslim world combined.

Israel21C, Five years of Israeli innovation and excellence

On a visit to Israel in October 2005, Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates, said, "People in high tech are very aware that Israel–compared to its small size–has some amazing technological achievements. There is a greater concentration of talented high-tech manpower here in comparison to other countries–almost to the extent of Silicon Valley."

Everyone wants to invest in Israel: ISRAEL - A POWERHOUSE FOR TECHNOLOGY, Excerpt:

Certainly interest in Israeli companies from abroad is higher than ever. Foreign investment in Israeli companies is growing every year, as are mergers and acquisitions. Since the start of 2006, foreign investors have acquired more than 30 Israeli companies, including startups, at a value of more than $10 billion. The Manufacturers Association of Israel expects that direct foreign investment will grow to between $12-13 billion by the end of the year, compared to $5.6b. in 2005.

In July, in the middle of the Lebanon war, personal computer giant, Hewlett-Packard purchased Mercury Interactive for $4.5 billion in the largest ever acquisition of an Israeli high-tech company. This was followed almost immediately afterwards by the $1.55b. purchase of Kfar-Saba based M-Systems, a pioneer in flash disk technology, by SanDisk Corp. EMC purchased three Israeli start-ups this year, Kashya ($153m.), nLayers, and Proactivity. While Xerox acquired XMPie for $54m.

Vardi quotes figures that show that in 2005, venture capitalists invested $1.34 billion in Israeli companies, making the country the second highest destination for VC capital after the US. The UK, for example, a country of 60 million, compared to Israel's seven million, came in at third place with $1.29b. in VC investment.


Here are a few recent Israeli innovations:

'DreamBox' surveillance system from Israel protects American water supply, Excerpt:

[December 31, 2006] If you were an industrial terrorist aiming to harm a civilian American population center, what target would you choose? Water supplies would be a natural choice, which is why the Homeland Security Department and other federal and local agencies are utilizing the most advanced security measures to protect those sites from sabotage.

That's also why a major water authority based on the east coast of the US has selected an Israeli-developed solution to safeguard the utility's multiple sites from hazardous threats and malicious activity.

optic video

ISRAEL21C.COM, Israeli optical breakthrough poised to change the world of mobile entertainment

[December 17, 2006]... the problem with most of portable digital gadgets on the market is that you have to squint to see the picture. Unless you want to lug around a laptop, peering into a tiny screen on an ipod, cell phone, or even one of the new palm-sized portable video recorders (PVR) may get the job done, but they're no match for the full large-screen viewing experience.

That's where Lumus comes in. The Israeli company has developed 'designer' eyeglasses with proprietary optic lenses which promise to make the squint problems passé. Lightweight, fashionable, and offering a large see-through screen with high resolution in full color, Lumus is set to lead a new era in video viewing.

Israeli startup transforms sewage sludge into fuel, Excerpt:

[December 07, 2006] Sewage sludge is the last place where you'd expect to find something valuable. But the brains behind Israeli startup BioPetrol say it is exactly the place where it is possible to find gasoline and natural gas. The company has developed a method of extracting oil out of sewage sludge, and converting it into various petroleum products.

Barbary pirateI could list Israeli scientific accomplishments for years and not run out. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is awash with billions in oil money and what do they invest in? Madrassas that spawn suicide bombers and soldiers for Jihad. That's it. Arabs have contributed nothing to civilization. If I'm wrong, please leave a comment and let me know one patent number in the past 50 years for one single Saudi invention. One. [... waiting...]

I think it is time that the world seriously consider taking the oil fields from the corrupt, ignorant and wasteful present-day pirates.

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