Political Transference and America`s Eva Peron

hillary clinton

Had Eva Peron had better health, she might well have become the most powerful woman in South America. Hillary is not the first woman to ride the coattails of her husband or to cater to the poor and working class. Evita did it with style. However, I will reluctantly admit that if Hillary were to die before being elected President of the United States, Andrew Lloyd Webber would certainly have a musical called "Hil" on Broadway before a season passed on her death.

Many liberals will claim that Hillary is her own man, as it were, and doesn't need to capitalize on the public's continued adoration of her husband. A quick click on her campaign button should convince you that the public already has transferred whatever good will to her that they felt for Bill Clinton.

I have to go away for a few days on business; I'll be in California. I will try not to miss posting an article every day, but if I do, I ask my reader's indulgence.

For my Muslim readers who feel a day without a scantily clad, vulnerable, innocent, white, bulging, whipped little girl is like a tent without a goat, here is something to tide you over until I get back:

whipped girl
Whipped Girl

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